Presidential Elections 1884 - 1924

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Presidential Election, 1924

Calvin Coolidge (Republican) defeated John W. Davis (Democrat) and Robert M. LaFollete (Progressive).

Presidential Election, 1920

Warren G. Harding (Republican) defeated James Cox (Democrat). Following the ratification of the 19th amendment to the Constitution, this was the first presidential election where women could vote.

Presidential Election, 1916

Woodrow Wilson (Democrat) defeated Charles Evans Hughes (Republican), in an election that took place before the United States became involved in World War I.

Presidential Election, 1912

Woodrow Wilson (Democrat) defeated Theodore Roosevelt (Progressive) and William Taft (Republican). Theodore Roosevelt, who ran on the Progressive Party's platform after losing the Republican nomination, won 27 percent of the popular vote.

Presidential Election, 1908

William Howard Taft (Republican) defeated William Jennings Bryan (Democrat).

Presidential Election, 1904

Theodore Roosevelt (Republican) defeated Alton Brooks Parker (Democrat).

Presidential Election, 1900

William McKinley (Republican) again defeated William Jennings Bryan (Democrat) in a rematch of the 1896 election. McKinley was assassinated in 1901.

Presidential Election, 1896

William McKinley (Republican) defeated William Jennings Bryan (Democrat), in what is often seen as a realigning election.

Presidential Election, 1892

Grover Cleveland (Democrat) defeated Benjamin Harrison (Republican) and James Weaver (Populist). Weaver's Populist Party also won four states and over a million popular votes, which prompted a shift in the Democratic Party's platform in the following election.

Presidential Election, 1888

Benjamin Harrison (Republican) defeated Grover Cleveland (Democrat). Cleveland won the popular vote, but Harrison won the Electoral College.

Presidential Election, 1884

Grover Cleveland (Democrat) defeated James Blaine (Republican). This election marked the first victory for the Democrats since 1856.

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