Presidential Elections 1928 - 1968

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Presidential Election, 1968

Richard Nixon (Republican) defeated Hubert Humphrey (Democrat) and George Wallace (Independent). The 1968 election was marked by controversies over the Vietnam War, the assassination of Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy, and the decision of Lyndon Johnson not to seek reelection.

Presidential Election, 1964

Lyndon Johnson (Democrat) defeated Barry Goldwater (Republican). After being elevated to the presidency by John F. Kenndy's assassination in 1963, Johnson won election in his own right with over 61 percent of the popular vote.

Presidential Election, 1960

John F. Kennedy (Democrat) defeated Richard Nixon (Republican). Kennedy won a razor-thin victory over Nixon, winning the popular vote by 112,000 out of 68 million votes cast.

Presidential Election, 1956

Dwight Eisenhower (Republican) defeated Adlai Stevenson (Democrat), in a rematch of the 1952 election.

Presidential Election, 1952

Dwight Eisenhower (Republican) defeated Adlai Stevenson (Democrat). Eisenhower rose to the presidency because of his role as Allied Commander during World War II.

Presidential Election, 1948

Harry Truman (Democrat) defeated Thomas Dewey (Republican) and Strom Thurmond (Dixiecrat). Thurmond's Dixicrat Party emerged during this election as a pro- segregationist party opposed to the expansion of Civil Rights.

Presidential Election, 1944

Franklin Roosevelt (Democrat) defeated Thomas E. Dewey (Democrat).

Presidential Election, 1940

Franklin Roosevelt (Democrat) defeated Wendell Willkie (Republican) during the beginning of U.S. involvement in World War.

Presidential Election, 1936

Franklin D. Roosevelt (Democrat) defeated Alf London (Republican). Franklin Roosevelt easily won reelection during the Great Depression, with 60 percent of the popular vote, for his second of four terms in the White House.

Presidential Election, 1932

Franklin Roosevelt (Democrat) defeated Herbert Hoover (Republican) in a landslide victory brought on by the onset of the Great Depression.

Presidential Election, 1928

Herbert Hoover (Republican) defeated Al Smith (Democrat) in a landslide victory.

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