September 29, 1853

Thursday Sept. 29th. Drove out this morning quite early, this is a happy day to us. This day lands us where we can see once more a civilized community and once more enjoy the preached gospel and the society of Christians. Thanks be to the All Seeing Eye who has watched over us across the dreary plains and still more dreary mountains. Reached Oregon City about 3 o’clock. This the the end of our journey of toil. We are landed safe in the “Willamette” Valley a point of great interest to all weary emigrants.

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September 28, 1853

Wednesday 28th. This morning we started in good spirits landed at Mr. Fosters, the end of our journey through the mountains. Got some good hay and gave our stock all they could eat, then drove to City and camped. Do not like Oregon yet, so far.

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September 27, 1853

Tuesday 27th. Some hills to go up and some to go down. Reached Big Sandy about 3-o’clock, crossed and drove to the bank and camped again.

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September 26, 1853

Monday 26th. Started quite early this morning, drove until 4 o’clock and camped on Hog Back after doubling our way on very steep hills. Found some brush for our stock.

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September 25, 1853

Sunday Sept. 25. Started out this morning after cutting some browse for our stock, drove 12 miles to a trading-post, where we found some feed of a coarse quality.

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September 24, 1853

Saturday 24th. This is a very rainly morning. The roads are very bad, but no time to be lost. Fearful of being caught in a snowstorm. Started early, cleared up a little about noon, got down Laurel Hill about dark. This is the roughest and steepest hill on the road. Got down all safe by cutting and chaining a tree behind the wagon 100 ft. long. Camped at the foot of this hill and tied our stock up without anything, except a little grass we carried along with us.

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September 23, 1853

Friday 23rd. Reached Summit Prairie about 9 o’clock and camped for the day. Found good grass 1 1/2 miles from the road.

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September 22, 1853

Thursday 22nd. This morning 8 of our cattle were gone, one of ours and 7 of Mr. Swick’s. Found all except one, started on and found him about noon. The road is very rough to-day over roots and rocks winding its way through the dense timber. Passed the summit of the mountains today. Drove within 3 miles of Summit Prairie and camped on a fine creek, cut browse for our cattle, no grass.

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September 21, 1853

Wednesday 21st. Started early this morning, a weeks travel ahead and no feed for the stock. Not a bad road the fore part of the day. This afternoon we came down a very steep hill to Chute Creek, camped up this creek about six miles after crossing it several times. Drove 18 miles today.

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September 20, 1853

Tuesday Sept. 20th. Two of our horses are missing this morning. Can’t be found, the owner stayed behind to look for them. Bought 30 pounds of beef and some other eatables and started to Barlow’s Gate 9 miles ahead, got there about noon, found plenty of wood and water and grass one mile south. We are now at the foot of the Cascades, in amongst heavy timber with now and then a small opening. Bought 80 pounds of flour of an emigrant at 10¢ per pound. We now have plenty of provisions to last us through. We guard our cattle very closely or we would lose them in the timber. Laid by the remainder of the day to let the cattle get plenty for feed is scarce in the mountains.

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