September 19, 1853

Monday 19th. Another fine morning. The hills look quite grand around us. Our road lies over a rolling country. Nine miles from camp is Indian Creek. Some potatoes for sale here by the Indians, also a trading-post kept by a Frenchman. We are now out of all kinds of provisions, except a little dried fruit and what is worse out of money. Harder times than ever now stare us in the face. Nelson offered his American mare for sale, but could get not more than 30 dollars. No flour to be had and they say no more provisions till we get through. Dont know what we will do. Just before we left Indian Creek a man came along and offered 70 dollars for the horse. We sold her, bought some potatoes, and started for the next creek. Just after leaving Indian Creek is a long and steep hill to climb, then level ground to the next creek. Camped here where we found plenty of beef and other good things to feast on, plenty of grass, wood and water.

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