August 6, 1853

Saturday August 6th. Drove to Snake River ferry this morning 6 miles and found we could not cross till sometime next week. Concluded to ferry ourselves again, drove to our place to ferry and camped and laid still till Monday afternoon. Commenced late and worked nearly all night.

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One Response to August 6, 1853

  1. Rob Nelson says:

    Here Goltra and company departed from the main trail to take what’s now called the North Alternate Oregon Trail. Opened the previous year, the NAOT offered better grass and water than the main trail, the grass on which had been overeaten by the stock of earlier emigrants.

    Jerry Eichorst of the Idaho Chapter Oregon-California Trails Association is one of the foremost experts on the NAOT. He has been enormously helpful, sharing his knowledge of the locations of Goltra’s campsites for most of August 1853. I am grateful for his generosity.