July 31, 1853

Sunday the 31st. Sunday again but not to our weary train. Besides we are now among the most hostile tribe of Indians on the route. Many emigrants have been killed here. There should not be less than 15 or 16 wagons together. We camped alone last night, but we kept a constant guard. We have not been troubled as yet. We will join some train the first one we come up with that suits. The road follows down Marshy Creek about 4 miles and crosses and leave it 2 mi. farther. We came quite close to Snake River, 2 miles more and we went down on the river bottom which we followed for 1 mile, then up the bluff again and struck across to Goose Creek. Here we found some grass and water, and a train we were some little acquainted with and after exchanging a few words found they were well acquainted with our relatives in the State of N. York. We joined this train and lay by with them till morning it being quite early when we found them. Only 13 miles today.

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