July 3, 1853

Sunday 3rd. Sunday is here again. But the weary traveler knows no rest. We had a very good camp last night, except water. This river is so strongly impregnated with alkili that it is hardly fit to use, but we have no other. We can see the saleratus oozing out from its bottom and banks, almost as white as snow. We use as little of the water as possible. We left the river for six miles and then touched it again at a ford. Here are two roads. The right hand crosses the river and goes around the mountain to avoid fording the river several times. This is the best road if the river can be forded at this point. We took the left hand road, after following the river a half a mile, we left it for 8 miles, then up it three miles and camped. Traveled 18 miles today over a very sandy road.

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