June 29, 1853

Wednesday the 29th. After following the river for about 4 miles we took our final leave of the Platte River at Red Buttes. Here we filled our kegs and watered our stock. No good water in 17 miles. 11 miles from the river we passed Rock Avenue. One mile farther we passed Alkili swamps and springs. Water and grass poisonous, land miry and roads bad. One mile to the left is good grass and one mile to the north-west is a good spring at the foot of some hills. Sage brush for fuel. 4 miles farther is a small branch, good water not much grass, 3 miles farther we passed willow springs, not very good camp. One mile more and were on the top of Prospect Hill, here we had a fine view of the surrounding country and sweet water mountains. 3 miles farther is Bad Slough, there we found good water and camped after a hard drive of 26 miles. Pretty good grass one mile to the left.

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