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June 7, 1853

Tuesday June the 7th. Started at the usual hour, traveled till 10 o’clock over very heavy roads, laid by to do some baking and air our provisions, camped near an excellent spring of water, and had a good meal of … Continue reading

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June 6, 1853

Monday the 6th. Started quite early this morning, traveled till about 9 o’clock, came to some grass and stopped till noon, then traveled till 4 o’clock. Drove 15 miles to-day. Roads very heavy. I am quite unwell to-day, scarcely able … Continue reading

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June 5, 1853

Sunday, June, 5th. A beautiful day, except the wind blows quite hard from ahead. Came over some very heavy sandy roads. It would seem more like the holy sabbath could we lay by and rest, but this is impossible to-day … Continue reading

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June 4, 1853

Saturday the 4th. Quite pleasant in the morning, but had a shower in the evening. Started 2 buffalo about a mile from the road. Nelson wounded one of them, but did not get him, being on foot. Some on horseback … Continue reading

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June 3, 1853

Friday the 3rd. Started early, commenced raining and continued until near noon. Cloudy all day. Drove 20 miles to-day.

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June 2, 1853

Thursday the 2nd. We expect to cross the South Platte today and dread it exceedingly. We reached it at 1:30 o’clock, blocked up our wagon boxes, mustered up courage and got through safe. This river is about 3/4 of a … Continue reading

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June 1, 1853

Wednesday June the 1st. For the last ten days we have been traveling up the Platte Bottom, a distance of 125 miles. Have traveled slow and laid by two days. The grass has been quite good most of the way. … Continue reading

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