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From the Mon., May. 30, 1864 issue
Battle-Field, 18 miles from Marletts, May 28

—Heavy skirmishing began at day light yesterday morning on the left, and continued without intermission until about 5 o'clock, when a desperate assault was made upon Stevenson's division, which was repulsed handsomely, with heavy loss to the enemy. This is the fourth assault that has been made upon this point, resulting in heavy loss to the enemy. A battery was run up within two hundred yards of Stuart's line, and opened a terrific fire. Our sharpshooters killed every gunner and horse. The battery thus disabled was hastily abandoned. Last night at 12 o'clock the enemy advanced on our extreme right, where they were ambuscaded by Cleburne's division, who followed up with a charge, which routed the enemy completely, leaving 149 prisoners, including a brigade commander, together with their dead and wounded, in our hand. The enemy's lose in this affair was between five and six thousand. The conduct of Granbury's brigade is highly spoken of Granbury received a slight wound, but is still in the field. Brisk skirmishing began again this morning and still continues on the extreme left. The enemy are massing on their left this morning, and heavy firing of artillery continues up to 11 o'clock.


New Hope, via Marietta, May 28.

—The enemy are massed in our front on the south side of Pumpkin Vine Creek. There was a very heavy artillery and musketry skirmish yesterday, from sunrise to dark, principally on our right wing, when it ceased, and was resumed about midnight. We captured between two and three hundred prisoners, among them Lieut Col Famblies, of the 59th Ohio, Adj't Holter, and three Lieutenants. Our forces are inspirited with great confidence in their commander, and their ability to defeat the enemy. Every man is anxious for a general engagement to take place, which will probably be to-day. Skirmishing is now going on to-night on the right and centre. Lieut Col Fambliss reports General Wallack severely wounded in the action at Reasca.


New Hope, May 28th, (via Marietta.)

—Gen Cleburn's division engaged the 4th army corps under Howard, about 1 o'clock this morning, and, after a desperate contest, signally repulsed the enemy, with a loss of between five and seven thousand. We captured between 150 and 200 prisoners, exclusive of wounded, and immense quantities of arms and accoutrements. Gen C says the enemy's dead were piled thicker than he ever saw before. Between 500 and 1,000 dead were left close up to his front. Their line of breastworks in front of Loring's command was abandoned. Our loss will probably number four or five hundred. Skirmishing is still going on, and the enemy's left gradually giving way.


New Hope May 29

—Granbury's brigade was placed in action at 5 P M yesterday when the enemy attempted to turn our flank. We had no defences except a few boughs and stones hastily collected by the cavalry, which held the position as skirmishers before the brigade came up. The engagement immediately became furious, and raged with unabated violence until 8 P M. The enemy's lines were advanced within five paces of ours several times and were at all points repulsed.

Having no support-the brigade was not allowed to hazard its position by a charge until 12 M., when Walthall's brigade arrived and took position immediately in their rear. The charge was then sounded, and the brigade swept through the woods, retaking three lines of battle without firing a gun, and capturing many prisoners.

Bertham's regiment, of Govan's brigade, was detached at 5½ P. M., and sent to the right of Granburry's, which was being out-flanked, arrived in time, charged and drove the enemy.

Bertham's loss was 28 killed and 60 wounded; Granburry's, 36 killed, 125 wounded, and 5 missing. The enemy left 288 dead on the field, and a large number of wounded.—Those dead were all killed by Berkham's Arkansas regiment, which was separated from Granburry's line by an interval of one hundred paces. The loss in Granburry's immediate front is not less than 300 killed, 1,000 to 1,200 wounded, and many captured. The prisoners report Major Gen Howard Johnson and Brig Gen King wounded.

The skirmishing continued until nightfall, the enemy constantly shifting their positions from the centre to the left.