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From the Wed., Oct. 21, 1863 issue

—In the Senate, the Chair laid before the body a message from the Governor, enclosing a letter from the Secretary of the Treasury of the Confederate States and one from the Commissioners of Taxes, in relation to the liability to taxation of State stock in the Banks of the Commonwealth, which were referred to the Committee on Confederate Relations.

A bill was introduced to increase the capital stock of the Virginia and Tennessee Railroad Company, which was read the first time.

Mr. Neeson introduced a joint resolution to regulate the expenditures of Commissioners of the Revenue on State account, numbering their districts, &c. The resolution was adopted.

The bill for the relief of the families of indigent soldiers and sailors was taken up, read a third time, and, on motion of Mr. Neeson, laid upon the table until a fuller attendance of the Senate could be had to vote upon it.

The Senate then again resumed the consideration of the bill to regulate prices, and continued it under discussion till the hour of adjournment.

In the House, a resolution was offered by Mr. Lynch relative to a repeal of the act concerning fiduciaries.

Mr. Shelton introduced a resolution in relation to changing the biennial sessions of the General Assembly from the first Monday in December to the first Monday in January, the consideration of which was indefinitely postponed.

From the Committee on Military Affairs, Mr. Anderson reported a joint resolution instructing our Senators, and requesting our Representatives, in Congress to use their best efforts to procure the passage of a bill to increase the pay of soldiers, and to furnish commutation allowed by army regulations and not furnished in kind. The resolution was taken up and passed.

Mr. Shackelford, from the Committee on Confederate Relations, reported a bill to secure priority of transportation of food for consumers, which was read by its title.

On motion of Mr. Deane, the joint resolution, offered several days ago, fixing the day of adjournment for Thursday, the 22d inst., was taken up. Mr. Deane moved to amend the resolution by striking out Thursday, the 22d, and inserting Monday, the 26th.

Mr. Haymond, of Marion, moved to amend the amendment by inserting the first Monday in November, which was agreed to, and the resolution as amended was passed.

On motion of Mr. Buford, the report of the Committee on Banks, on the question of currency, was taken up.

Mr. Buford offered an amendment to the second resolution accompanying the report.

After some discussion of this amendment and the plan proposed by the resolutions, the report and resolutions were laid on the table.

The bill for the relief of Wm. F. Ritchie, for losses sustained by him in the discharge of his duties as public printer, was taken up. The bill was passed by a vote of—ayes 83, noes 6.

On motion of Mr. Deane, the bill declaring certain railroad companies responsible as common carriers on their roads, &c., was read a second time.

The bill to reorganize the penitentiary was laid on the table for the present.

The bill to authorize, for a limited period, the impressment of fuel for the use of the Central Railroad, was laid on the table.

The bill authorizing the impressment of slaves to work on certain railroads was then taken up, but before being disposed of the House adjourned.