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real estate sales and auctions
war prisoners
military--often from Western Theater
From the Mon., Nov. 12, 1860 issue

BEAUTIFUL LITTLE FARM OF FORTY ACRES, ON THE BROOKE TURNPIKE SIX MILES FROM RICHMOND, FOR SALE AT AUCTION.—Will be sold on WEDNESDAY, the 21st November 1860, upon the premises, commencing at 11 o'clock A. M., the FARM located as above, now occupied by the subscriber. The buildings are all new, consisting of a two-story DWELLING and all necessary out-houses. The Land is well adapted to the growth of wheat, corn, oats and tobacco, and also grows very fine vegetables. There are two wells and also a fine spring upon the place very convenient. After the sale of the land will be sold all of the STOCK upon the place: Crop of Corn, Fodder, Shucks, Oats and Tobacco. Also, all of the HOUSEHOLD and KITCHEN FURNITURE, two good Milch Cows, Horses, Wagons, Carts, Harness &c.

Terms—Made known on the day of sale.


Sale conducted by Goddin & Apperson, Auct's

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