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transportation schedules
From the Wed., May. 22, 1861 issue

White Patients—In wards, $6 per week; in private rooms, $7 to $15 per week.

Slaves—$5 per week. Less than a week, $1 per day, but not to exceed $5 per week. Fractions over the first week 71 cents per day.

No extra charges except for surgical operations, and then an additional fee ranging from $2 or $30 will be charged. Bills payable on the removal of the patient. No small-pox admitted.

A covered spring wagon will convey patients to and from the Hospital when desired. Orders may be left at the Hospital when desired. Orders may be left at the Hospital, or at the office of A. L. Holladay, 12th street, between Main and Cary.

The subscriber, who has been connected with the institution since its foundation, having taken it under his exclusive charge, sided by competent assistants, solicits a continuance of the liberal patronage of his friends and of the public generally.

Attending Physician and Surgeon.

Grace street, between 4th and 5th.
C. W. P. BROCK, M. D.,
Church Hill, cor. 25th and Marshall sts.
W. W. COGGIN, M. D.,
Resident Physician. ja 18—1y