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From the Fri., Apr. 05, 1861 issue
Richmond Markets, April 4, 1861.

APPLES.—Northern $2.50@2.50; Virginia Pippins $2.60 to $4.

BACON.—Demand moderate. We quote Sides 10¾@11 cts.; Shoulders 8¼@9 cts.; plain Hams 11½@12 cts Sugar-cured 13@13½ cents; Todd's Hams 14 cts. Stock light.

BAGS.—Seamless Bags, 25c.; Manchester bags 19@23c.; Gunny bags 12@14c.

BRANS.—White $1@1.10 per bushel.

BEESWAX.—27 cts.

BROOMS.—$2@3, according to quality.

BUCKETS, &c.—Painted Buckets $1.87½@$2 per dozen; three-hoop Painted Pails $2.25@2.50 per dozen; heavy Cedar Tubs, neat, $3.50@$5 per nest; heavy Cedar Feed Buckets $6.50 per dozen.

BUTTER.—We quote good Butter at 20 to 25c.; inferior 8 to 10c.

CANDLES.—Tallow 13½@14c. per .; Jackson's 14c.; Hull's 16c.; Adamantine 18@20c.; Sperm 45c.; Patent Sperm 54@56c.

CEMENT.—James River $1.70@1.80 per bbl.; Northern Rosendale at $1.70@1.80.

COAL.—White and Red Ash Anthracite Coal, for grates, $7.50 per cart load of 25 bushels, per ton of 2,240 lbs. $5; Foundry do. $7 per ton of 2,240 lbs.; Bituminous Lump $5 per load of 25 bushels; Hail $4.50; Smiths' Coal 12@14c. per bushel.

COFFEE.—We quote Rio 14@15 cents; Laguayra, 15½@16 cts.; Java 18½@19 cents; Mocha 18 cts.

COKE.—For city consumption $5 per cart load of 25 bushels, for soft slump; soft hall $4.50. Hard lump and hall $4.50.

CORN.—We quote 60@62½ cts. per bushel.

CORN MEAL.—City Bo. Meal 75@80 cents; country 70@75 cts.

COTTON.—8½ to 12 cts.

COTTON YARNS, &c. Cot on Yarns 21@22 cts.; Cotton Cordage 24 cts.; Seine Twine 27 cts.; Carpet Warp 22 cts.; Wrapping Twine 22 cts.

DRIED FRUIT.—No arrivals. Dried Apples from 40 to 50c. per bushel.

FEATHERS.—Dull at 44@45 cts.

FERTILIZERS.—Demand light. We quote Peruvian Guano $62½ per ton; Ruffin's Tobacco Manure $45 per ton; AA Mexican $25; Ellde Island $48; Patagonian $25; Sombrero $30; Nevassa or Brown Columbian $30; Reese's Manipulated Guano $50; Rhodes' Super Phosphate of Lime $45; Robinson's Manipulated Guano $50; Hartman's (Richmond) Ammoniated Super Phosphate Lime $10; do. Manipulated Guano $50; do. Bone Dust $35 per ton.

FISH.—New Nova Scotia Herrings, gross, $2.75@$3; a cargo of new No. I Halifax Cut Herrings arrived and sold at $4, on 4 mo.'s time. No North Carolina in market. Mackerel. large No. 3, new, $8.50; small do. $5.

FLAXSEED.—$1.20@1.40 per bushel.

FLOUR.—There are no sales for shipment. The stock of country is very limited, and sales confined to home consumption. We quote Superfine at $5.50@$6.75; Extra $7@7.25; Family $7.75@$8.

FLOUR BARRELS.—45 to 50 cts, for city made; Country have sold recently at from 20 to 30 cts.

FRUIT.—Oranges: Messina $2.50 per box. Lemons; $4 per box. Raisins: Bunch $2.50@$3; layers $3@3.25. Prunes 10 to 40 cents per box, according to quality. Figs 10@20 cents per lb.

GINSENG.—35@40 cents, and in demand.

GRASS SEEDS.—We quote prime Clover Seed $6.50 for new; $6@6.25 for old. Timothy $4@4.25 per bushel. Orchard Grass $2.

GUNPOWDER.—Dupont's and Hazard's Sporting $5.75; Blasting $3.75; Eagle Canister $14.25; FFF Canister $8.25. In quantities of twenty kegs and upwards, 50 cents a keg less.

HAY.—$1.10@1.15 per cwt.

HIDES.—Salted 8½@9 cents; dry 11@13 cts. Calf Skins, green, $1@1.12. South American, none.

HOOP POLES.—Flour bbl. $7.50@9 per 1,000; hhd. poles, $15.

IRON AND NAILS.—Pig Iron $28@34, as in quality and quantity; Swedes $400 per ton; English Refined $70; Tredegar $85; Common English $60; American country $95. Cut Nails 3½@3½ cts. per lb.

LARD.—Prime Western Leaf, in bbls., 11½@12 cents; kegs 12@12½ cents—all for new.

LEAD.—We quote 6½@6½ cents per lb. for pig; bar 6½@7 cts.

LEATHER. We quote good stamp, middle weights, 23@24 cts. per lb.; over weights 22@23 cts.; light 23@23½c.;good damaged 21c.; poor 16@18c; upper leather $2.00@3.50, as to size, weight and quality; Harness 35 @36c.; Skirting, in the rough, 25@28c.; finished 31@35c.

LIME.—85c. to $1 from wharf. From store, we quote Northern $1.12½; Virginia 90c.@$1.

LIQUORS.—Brandy: Otard, Dupuy & Co., $3.25@7 per gallon; A. Seignette, $2½@4½; Sazerac $3½@7; Hennessey $3½@7½; Peach scarce at $1½@2½; Virginia Apple 50@85 cts.; do., old, 75c. @$1.50; Northern do. 55@85 cts.; Imitation 45@47½ cts. Rum: New England 40@45c. for mixed; 50@55c. for pure. Gin: Holland $1.20@1.75.

LUMBER.—Clear White Pine $45; refused do. $29; merchantable $20@25 per M. One inch Yellow Pine Plank $10@12; three-quarter do. $9@11; 1½ do. $14@16; 1½ do. $13@14; 2 do. $12.50@15. Flooring $18@20, face measure; Scantling $11@13 for heart and sap; all heart $16@20, according to size. Garden Rails, heart and sap, 12½@13 cts. each; all heart 18@25 cts. Shingles $5@6 per M. Weather Boarding $13@16. Inch Oak Plank $30@35. Buttonwood 5/8 inch $25@30. Inch Cherry $35; 5/8 Poplar $20@25 per M. Dressed Flooring, Virginia, $25@28. Dressed Flooring, Southern, $28@30 Laths $2.25 to $2.37 per M for sawed, on the wharf.

MOLASSES.—New Orleans 40 cts.; Cuba Muscovado, in bbls., 30@33 cts.; in hhds., 25@30 cts.; English Island 30@33 cts.; Ochenhousen's 28 cts.

OATS.—30 to 35 cts. per bushel and dull.

OFFAL.—Bran 20 cts.; Shorts 25 cts.; Brown Stuff 35 cts.; and Ship Stuff 65 cts. per bus.

ONIONS.—Red $2 per bbl. of near three bushels; Silver-skin $2½.

PEAS.—None in market.

PLASTER.—Lump—We quote sales by the cargo at $4; small lots, $4.50 per ton Claiborne's Richmond Ground $8.50 per ton packed; Sharpe's do. packed $8.50; loose $7.50.

POTATOES.—We quote Northern 60@65 cts, per bushel.

RICE.—5@5½ cts.

ROSIN.—$1.70@1.75 per bbl.

RYE.—We quote 60@65 cts. per bus.

SALT.—Last sales from wharf $1.40; from store $1.60 per sack.

SALTPETRE.—9@10 cts. per lb.

SENECA ROOT.—35@37½ cts.

SHOT.—7@7½ cts. cash, and time as to quantity, for drop and buck.

STARCH.—Corn 6@6½ cts.; Pearl 7@8½ cts.

STAVES.—Good oak, for flour barrels, we quote at $5 per thousand; Machine cut $7@8.

SUGARS.—New Orleans Sugar we quote 7@8 cents; Cuba 7@8 cents; Porto Rico 7@8 cents; Loaf 10½@11 cents; Crushed and Powdered 10 cents: Coffee Sugar: A 9 cents; B and Extra C 9c.

TOBACCO.—Sales still limited, at former quotations. Lugs $2 to $4; Leaf $4.50 to $11. No fine manufacturing in market. Stock on hand of the old crop very light, and mostly of inferior quality.

WHEAT.—Receipts light and market firm at $1.50@$1.55 for White; $1.30@$1.35 for Red.

WHISKEY.—Richmond Rectified 20½@21½ cents; Stearns' Old Maited Rye $1.50; other qualities 75 cts, per gallon.

WINES.—Port, Burgundy $1@$2.50 per gallon; Port Juice $2.50@$4. Madeira, Sicily 45c.@$1.75; Old Madeira $2.50@$4. Sherry, Permartin, Duff and Gordon, Amontilado, $2@$6.

WOOD.—Wholesale: Oak $3.50@$3.75 per cord; Pine $2.75@$3. Retail Oak $5; Pine $4.50.

WOOL.—Tub Washed sold at 35@37c.; unwashed third less. F. Reece as in quality.


FOREIGN.—Nothing to add relative to foreign freights.

DOMESTIC.—The following are the present rates as coastwise freights:

New York.Boston.Philad'a.
Coal, per ton$1.50$1.75$1.25
Flour, per bbl202520
Tobacco, per hhd$2.50$3.00$2.50
Do., per box202525

Coal to Baltimore, 3 cts per bushel; Flour 12½ cts. per bbl.


BEEF.—Sales this week at $3@4.25 for good to prime cattle. A very few bought at the latter price. Market well supplied.

SHEEP.—We quote sales at $2.50 to $3 per head for ordinary sheep, and $4.50 to $5 per cwt.; gross for the best quality.

HOGS.—Sales of corn-fed at $8@8.50 per cwt.; distillery-fed $7.50@8.


We give below the best quotations we can obtain:

We quote Exchange on New York 3½ to 3¼ per ct.; on Philadelphia do.; and on Baltimore do.

South Carolina Bank notes 1 per ct. dis.; North Carolina Bank notes 2½ per cent. discount. Planters' and Miners' Bank of Murphy (N. C.) 20 per cent. discount.

Specie buying at 2½ to 3 and selling at 3½@4 per ct. premium.


  • All the Banks located in Richmond, and the branches of such as have branches.
  • Bank of Commerce, Fredericksburg.
  • Bank of Howardsville, Howardsville, Albemarle.
  • Bank of the Old Dominion, Alexandria.
  • Bank of Rockbridge, Lexington.
  • Bank of Rockingham, Harrisonburg.
  • Bank of Scottsville, Scottsville.
  • Central Bank of Virginia, Staunton.
  • Danville Bank, Danville, Va.
  • Farmers' Bank of Fincastle, Fincastle.
  • Merchants' Bank, Lynchburg.
  • Monticello Bank, Charlottesville.
  • Southwestern Bank, Wytheville.
  • Branch of the Bank of the Valley, Staunton.
  • Branch of the Bank of the Valley, Christiansburg.


  • Bank of the Valley and branches, save at Staunton and Christiansburg.
  • Bank of Wheeling, Wheeling.
  • Manufacturers' and Farmers' Bank of Wheeling and branches.
  • Northwestern Bank of Virginia, Wheeling, and branches.
  • Merchants' and Mechanics' Bank of Wheeling and branches.
  • Bank of Charleston, Malden, Kanawha.
  • Bank of Berkeley, Martinsburg.
  • Branch Bank of the Old Dominion, at Pearisburg.
  • Bank of Phillippi, Phillippi, Barbour county.
  • Bank of Winchester, Winchester.
  • Fairmont Bank, Fairmont.

The notes of the foregoing Banks are bought by the brokers of this city at 1 per cent. discount.


The notes of the following Banks are at 25 per cent. discount:

  • Bank of Manassas, Front Royal.
  • Bank of Weston, Lewis county.
  • Trans-Alleghany Bank of Jeffersonville, Tazewell.

There are probably few, if any, of the notes of the last named Bank afloat, as it has been discredited for some years.