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From the Fri., Mar. 08, 1861 issue
Richmond Markets, March 7, 1861.

APPLES.—Northern $2.50@3.50; Virginia Pippins $2.50 to $4.

BACON.—Demand moderate. We quote Sides 11 cents; Shoulders 9 cents; plain Hams 12 cts; Sugar-cured 12@12½ cents. Stock light.

BAGS.—Seamless Bags, 25c.; Manchester do., 10@22c.; Gunny do., 12@14c.

BEANS.—White $1.37½@1.50 per bushel.

BEESWAX.—27 cts.

BROOMS.—$2@3, according to quality.

BUCKETS, &c.—Painted Buckets $1.87½@$2 per dozen; three-hoop Painted Pails $2.25@2.50 per dozen; heavy Cedar Tubs, neat, $3.50@$5 per nest; heavy Cedar Feed Buckets $6.50 per dozen.

BUTTER.—We quote good Butter at 20 to 25c.; inferior 8 to 10c.

CANDLES.—Tallow 13 ½@14c. per lb.; Jackson's 14c.; Hull's 16c.; Adamantine 18@20c.; Sperm 45c.; Patent Sperm 54@56c.

CEMENT.—James River $1.70@1.80 per bbl.; Northern Rosendale at $1.70@1.80.

COAL.—White and Red Ash Anthracite Coal, for grates, $7.50 per cart load of 25 bushels, per ton of 2,240 lbs. $8; Foundry do. $7 per ton of 2,240 lbs. Bituminous Lump $5 per load of 25 bushels; Hail $4.50; Smiths' Coal 12@14c. per bushel.

COFFEE.—We quote Rio 14@15 cents; Laguayra, 15 ½@18 cts.; Java 18½@19 cents; Mocha 18 cts.

COKE.—For city consumption $5 per cart load of 25 bushels, for soft lump; soft hail $4.50. Hard lump and hail $4.50.

CORN.—We quote 58@60 cts. per bushel.

CORN MEAL.—City Bolted Meal 75@80 cents; country 70@75 cts.

COTTON.—8½ to 12 cts.

COTTON YARNS, &c.—Cotton Yarns 21@22 cts.; Cotton Cordage 24 cts.; Seine Twine 27 cts.; Carpet Warp 22 cts.; Wrapping Twine 22 cts.

DRIED FRUIT.—No arrivals. We quote nominally $1@1.25 per bushel.

FEATHERS.—Dull at 44@45 cts

FERTILIZERS.—Demand light. We quote Peruvian Guano $62½ per ton; Ruffin's Tobacco Manure $45 per ton; AA Mexican $25; Elide Island $48; Patagonian $25; Sombrero $30; Nevassa or Brown Columbian $30; Reese's Manipulated Guano $50; Rhodes' Super Phosphate of Lime $48; Robinson's Manipulated Guano $50; Hartman's (Richmond) Ammoniated Super Phosphate Lime $40; do. Manipulated Guano $50; do. Bone Dust $28 per ton.

FISH.—New Nova Scotia Herrings, gross, $2.75@$3; No. 1 Halifax Cut Herrings $3.25@3.50, from store. No North Carolina in market. Mackerel, large No. 3, new, $8.50; small do. $5.

FLAXSEED.—$1.20@1.40 per bushel.

FLOUR.—There are no sales for shipment. The stock of country is very limited, and sales confined to home consumption. We quote Superfine at $6.50; Extra $7@7½; Family $7.75@$8.

FLOUR BARRELS.—45 to 50 cts. for city made; Country have sold recently at from 20 to 30 cts.

FRUIT.—Oranges: Havana $9 per bbl. Lemons: $3.50@4.00 per box. Raisins; Bunch $2.75@$3; layers $2@3.25. Prunes 10 to 40 cents per box, according to quality. Figs 10@20 cents per lb.

GINSENG—35@40 cents, and in demand.

GRASS SEEDS.—We quote prime Clover Seed $6.50 for new; $6@6.25 for old. Timothy $4@4.25 per bushel. Orchard Grass $2.

GUNPOWDER.—Dupont's and Hazard's Sporting $5.75; Blasting $3.75; Eagle Canister $14.25; FFF Canister $3.25. In quantities of twenty kegs and upwards, 50 cents a keg less.

HAY.—$1.10@1.15 per cwt.

HIDES.—Salted 8½@9 cents; dry 11@13 cts. Calf Skins, green, $1 @1.12. South American, none.

HOOP POLES.—Flour bbl. $7.50@9 per 1,000; hhd. poles, $15.

IRON AND NAILS.—Pig Iron $28@34, as in quality and quantity; Swedes $400 per ton; English Refined $70; Tredegar $85; Common English $60; American country $95. Cut Nails 2 ¼ @3½ cts. per lb.

LARD.—Prime Western Leaf, in bbls., 12 cents; Baltimore 12½@13 cents, all for new.

LEAD.—We quote 6¼@6½ cents per lb. for pig; bar 6½ @7 cts.

LEATHER. We quote good stamp, middle weights, 23@24 cts. per lb.; over weights 22 @23 cts.;light 23@23½c.; good damaged 21c.; poor 16@18c.; upper leather $2,00@ 3.50, as to size, weight and quality; Harness 35@36c.; Skirting, in the rough, 25@ 28c.; finished 31@35c.

LIME.—85c. to $1 from wharf. From store, we quote Northern $1.12½; Virginia 90c.@$1.

LIQUORS.—Brandy: Otard, Dupuy & Co., $3.25 @7 per gallon; A. Seignette, $2¼@4 ½; Sazerac $3¼@7; Hennessey $3 ½@7 ½; Peach scarce at $1¾@2¼; Virginia Apple 60 @85 cts.; do., old, 75c. @$1.50; Northern do. 55@85 cts.; Imitation 45 @47½ cts. Rum: New England 40@45c. for mixed; 50 @55c. for pure. Gin: Holland $1.20@1.75.

LUMBER.—Clear White Pine $45; refused do. $29; merchantable $20@25 per M. One inch Yellow Pine Plank $10@12; three-quarter do. $9@11; 1¼ do. $14 @16; 1½ do. $13@14; 2 do. $12.50@15. Flooring $18@20, face measure; Scantling $11@13 for heart and sap; all heart $16@20, according to size. Garden Rails, heart and sap, 12½@13 cts. each; all heart 18@25 cts. Shingles $5@6 per M. Weather Boarding $13@16. Inch Oak Plank $30@35. Buttonwood inch $25@30. Inch Cherry $35; Poplar $20@25 per M. Dressed Flooring, Virginia, $25@28. Dressed Flooring, Southern, $28 @30. Laths $2.25 to $2.37 per M for sawed. on the wharf

MOLASSES.—New Orleans 45 cts.; Cuba Muscovado, in bbls., 33@37½ cts.; in hhds., 25@30 cts.; English Island 37½ cts.; Ochenhousen's 28 cts.

OATS.—38@40 cts. per bushel.

OFFAL.—Bran 20 cts.; Shorts 25 cts.; Brown Stuff 35 cts.; and Ship Stuff 65 cts. per bus.

ONIONS.—Red $2 per bbl. of near three bushels; Silver-skin $2½.

PEAS.—None in market.

PLASTER.—Lump—We quote at $4¼@4½ per ton. Claiborne's Richmond Ground $8.50 per ton packed; Sharpe's do. packed $8.50; loose $7.50.

POTATOES.—We quote Northern 60@65 cts. per bushel

RICE.—5@5½ cts.

ROSIN.—$1.70@1.75 per bbl.

RYE.—We quote 60@65 cts. per bus.

SALT.—Last sales from wharf $1.65; from store $1.75 per sack.

SALTPETRE.—9@10 cts. per lb.

SENECA ROOT.—35@37½ cts.

SHOT.—7@7¼ cts. cash, and time as to quantity, for drop and buck.

STARCH.—Corn 6@6½ cts.; Pearl 7@8½ cts.

STALLS.—Good oak, for flour barrels, we quote at $5 per thousand: Machine cut $7@8.

SUGARS.—New Orleans Sugar we quote 7½@8 cents; Cuba 7½@8 ½ cents; Porto Rico 8@9¼ cents; Loaf 11@11¼ cents; Crushed and Powdered 10¾ cents; Coffee Sugar: A 10 cents; B 9½ cents; Extra C 9¼c.

TOBACCO.—Sales still limited, at former quotations. We notice the sales of some Lugs $2@3.50; Leaf $4 to $10; some stemming Leaf $8@9.50; no fine manufacturing in market. Stock on hand of the old crop very light, and mostly of inferior quality.

WHEAT.—Receipts light and market firm at $1.50@$1.55 for White; $1.30@ $1.35 for Red.

WHISKEY.—Richmond Rectified 22½@23½ cents; Stearns' Old Malted Rye $1.50; other qualities 75 cts.@$1.50 per gallon.

WINES.—Port, Burgundy $1@$2.50 per gallon; Port Juice $2.50@$4. Madeira, Sicily 45c.@$1.75; Old Madeira $2. 50@$4. Sherry, Permartin, Duff and Gordon, Amontillado, $2@$6.

WOOD.—Wholesale: Oak $3.50@$3.75 per cord; Pine $2.75@$3. Retail Oak $5; Pine $4.50.

WOOL.—Tub Washed sold at 35@37c.; unwashed third less Fleece as in quality.


FOREIGN.—Nothing to add relative to foreign freights.

DOMESTIC.—The following are the present rates as coastwise freights:

New York.Boston.Philad'a.
Coal, per ton$1.50$1.75$1.25
Flour, per bbl202520
Tobacco, per hhd2.503.002.50
Tobacco., per box202525

Coal to Baltimore, 3 cts per bushel; Flour 12½ cts. per bbl.


BEEF.—Sales this week at $3@4.25 for good to prime cattle. A very few bought at the latter price. Market well supplied.

SHEEP.—We quote sales at $2.50 to $3 per head for ordinary sheep, and $4.50 to $5 per cwt. gross for the best quality.

HOGS.—Sales of corn-fed at $8@8.50 per cwt.; distillery-fed $7.50@8.


We give below the best quotations we can obtain:

We quote Exchange on New York 5 ¾ per cent.; on Philadelphia 5¾ per cent., and on Baltimore 5½ per cent. premium.

South Carolina Bank notes par; North Carolina Bank note 2 per cent. discount. Planters' and Miners' Bank of Murphy (N. C.) 20 per cent. discount.

Specie 5 per cent. premium.


All the Banks located in Richmond, and the branches of such as have branches.

  • Bank of Commerce, Fredericksburg.
  • Bank of Howardsville, Howardsville, Albemarle.
  • Bank of the Old Dominion, Alexandria.
  • Bank of Rockbridge, Lexington.
  • Bank of Rockingham, Harrisonburg.
  • Bank of Scottsville, Scottsville.
  • Central Bank of Virginia, Staunton.
  • Danville Bank, Danville, Va.
  • Farmers' Bank of Fincastle, Fincastle.
  • Merchants' Bank, Lynchburg.
  • Monticello Bank, Charlottesville.
  • Southwestern Bank, Wytheville.
  • Branch of the Bank of the Valley, Staunton.
  • Branch of the Bank of the Valley, Christiansburg


Bank of the Valley and branches, save at Staunton and Christiansburg.

  • Bank of Wheeling, Wheeling.
  • Manufacturers' and Farmers' Bank of Wheeling and branches.
  • Northwestern Bank of Virginia, Wheeling, and branches.
  • Merchants' and Mechanics' Bank of Wheeling and Branches.
  • Bank of Charleston, Malden, Kanawha.
  • Bank of Berkeley, Martinsburg.
  • Branch Bank of the Old Dominion, at Pearisburg.
  • Bank of Phillippi, Phillippi, Barbour county.
  • Bank of Winchester, Winchester.
  • Fairmont Bank, Fairmont.

The notes of the foregoing Banks are bought by the brokers of this city at 1 per cent. discount.


The notes of the following Banks are at 25 per cent. discount.:

  • Bank of Manassas, Front Royal.
  • Bank of Weston, Lewis county.
  • Trans-Allegheny Bank of Jeffersonville, Tazewell.

There are probably few, if any, of the notes of the last named Bank afloat, as it has been discredited for some years.


Reported byJohn A. Lancaster & Son, for the week ending March 7th, 1861.

  • Virginia 6 per cent. Registered Bonds, sales $80½.
  • Richmond City Bonds, last sales $90.
  • Petersburg City Bonds, no recent sales.
  • Lynchburg City Bonds, no recent sales.
  • Norfolk City Bonds, no recent sales.
  • Exchange Bank Stock, last sales $100.
  • Farmers' Bank Stock, held at $100.
  • Bank of Virginia Stock, held at $70.
  • Bank of the Commonwealth Stock, held at $94.
  • Richmond and Danville R. E. Bonds, guaranteed by State of Va., sales $90.
  • Virginia Central R. R. Bonds, guaranteed by State of Va., no recent sales.
  • City of Petersburg Bonds, guaranteed by State of Va., no recent sales.
  • Old Dominion Insurance Co. Stock, sales $29.
  • Richmond Fire Association Stock, last sales $26.
  • Virginia Fire and Marine insurance Stock, last sales $38.
  • Insurance Company State of Va., last sales $110.
  • Merchants' Insurance Stock, sales $72½.
  • Va. Life Insurance Co, Stock, last sales $113.
  • Virginia Central Railroad 1st Mortgage Bonds, last sales $85.
  • Virginia Central Railroad 2d Mortgage Bonds, last sales $7.
  • Virginia and Tennessee Railroad 1st Mortgage Bonds, no recent sales.
  • Virginia and Tennessee Railroad 2d Mortgage Bonds, no recent sales.
  • Virginia and Tennessee Railroad 3d Mortgage Bonds, no recent sales.
  • Orange and Alexandria Railroad 6 per cent. Bonds, last sales $75.
  • Orange and Alexandria Railroad 8 per cent. Bonds, last sales $87½.
  • Manassas Gap Railroad 6 per cent. Bonds, no recent sales.
  • South-Side Railroad Bonds, no recent sales.
  • South-Side Railroad Bonds, guaranteed by Petersburg, no recent sales.
  • Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac Railroad Stock, sales $78.
  • Virginia Central Railroad Stock, last sales offered at $45.
  • Richmond & Petersburg Railroad Stock, sales $57½.
  • Richmond & Danville Railroad Stock, sales $55.
  • James River & Kanawha Stock. last sales $17½.