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From the Thu., Feb. 14, 1861 issue

—THE CHEOPLASTIC AND VULCANITE PROCESS.—G. W. JONES, Dentist, having the right for the above mode of making Teeth, and being satisfied of its absolute superiority over all other methods, can with confidence commend it to those desiring full or partial sets of teeth, and especially such as may be dissatisfied with those they are now using.—The perfect adaptation of the plate to the mouth, and the suction thereby secured, enables him to insert one or more teeth without gasps. This method having been adopted by those standing highest in the profession, North and South, testimonials will be given and specimens exhibited to those wishing to see them. Sets of Teeth, on gold or any other plate, will, of course, be made for those preferring them. Filling, Cleansing, Extracting, and all other operations gently and thoroughly performed. Teeth extracted by ELECTRICITY, without pain.

Office on Main street, opposite Corinthian Hall.

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