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From the Fri., Jan. 11, 1861 issue

—This Institution, situated at the corner of Marshall and College streets, fully provided for the accommodations of both WHITE PERSONS and NEGROES, requiring medical treatment.

White Persons who desire it, can be furnished with PRIVATE ROOMS, where they will enjoy every comfort and convenience.

The accommodations for SLAVES, as heretofore are mple, and the attention of owners of negroes both in the city and country, is again invited to the great advantages afforded by the infirmary for the Medical and Surgical treatment of this class of patients.

LYING-IN WOMEN are also received and carefully attended to.

All patients are under the care of the Professors of the College, who visit the wards daily, aided by an efficient corps of assistants. In cases of difficulty, a consultation of the Professors is held, without extra charge to the patient.

The charges for Medical Attendance, Board, Nursing and Medicine are as follows:

White Persons.$6 per week.
White Persons in private rooms$7 to $15
Slaves and other colored patients$5

For less than a week, (except in private rooms.) $1 per day—provided that the aggregate shall not exceed the charge for a full week.

For Surgical Operations. by agreement with the proprietors of the Bellevue Hospital, a small extra charge will be made, varying from to $30 according to the difficulty and importance of the operation.

All charges payable on the removal of the patient.

NO CASE OF SMALL POX, or say other infections diss any of Insanity, will be admitted.

Attending Physicians—Profs. TUCKER CONWAY and McCAW.

Attending surgeons—Profs. BSON PETICOLAS and WELLFORD.

Resident Physician—Dr. THOS. L. HUNTER.

Steward—F. M. PARRISH.

President—Dr. L. S. JOYNEs.

Persons in the country desirous of sending patients to the infirmary, may address the President Steward, or any of the Professors of the College.

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