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articles that list places
for hire and wanted ads
ads--medicine, substitutes, wanted, etc.
maritime news, esp. naval and blockade
war bonds
death notices
fugitive slave ads
military--often from Western Theater
military orders to report
articles that list people, esp. marriage notices
Confederate states
From the Mon., Dec. 31, 1860 issue

The subscriber begs to return his acknowledgements to his friends and patrons for their favors during the past six years, and would inform them that he still continues of HIRING OUT NEGROES, RENTING OUT HOUSES, COLLECTING CLAIMS, and all business pertaining to a GENERAL AGENCY, to all of which he gives his personal attention.

Parties in the country who may entrust the hiring of their Negroes to him, may rest assured of every attention being paid to getting them none other but good homes and the best prices, and in the event of sickness, the best MEDICAL and PERSONAL ATTENTION shall always be supplied. He has also a large, comfortable apartment, connected with his office, where those servants who are not provided with places to stay at night during the hiring, may remain, with a good fire, free of charge.

Negroes for hire the coming year, had better be sent in to me as early after Christmas as possible.

To those at a distance to whom I am personally unknown, I beg to refer to the following persons: Dickinson, Hill & Co., Richmond; Dr. Thomas Latane, Arthur Temple, John Lumpkin. Thomas Fauntleroy, King and Queen county; Dr. F. D. Wheelwright, Rev. Thomas E. Locke, Westmoreland county; John L. Latane, W. C. Latane, Dr. John Lewis, King William county; Geo. Turner, Richard Turner, F. Maginniss, Thomas Lee, King George county; Ro. Hudgin. dr. John D. Butler, Caroline county; N. J. B. Whitlock, Dr. James H. Latane, Ed. F. Noel, Bev. D. Roy, J. Roy Micon, Wilsey Fogg, Geo. T. Wright, Essex county; Dr. Thomas C. Clopton, Jefferson Stubbs, Jasper C. Hughes, Gloucester county; Parkes Slater, James City county; Dr. Ro. A. Payne, Richmond county; Wm. E. Clopton, Ro. Howle, Dr. L.C. Crump, Jno. S. Lacy, R. T. Lacy, R. T. Lacy, New Kent county; Dabney Parrish Louise county; Wm. D. Clopton, P B. Foster, Cumberland county; W. W. brown, Lunenburg county; J. B. Chewning, Culpeper county; Wm. J. Wiere, Prince William county; Capt. J S Middleton, John Gormly, Norfolk.

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