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war bonds
From the Mon., Jan. 16, 1865 issue

REGULATIONS FOR CARRYING INTO EFFECT THE ACT OF CONGRESS APPROVED JUNE 13, 1864, AUTHORIZING OWNERS OF REGISTERED EIGHT PER CENT. BONDS, ISSUED UNDER THE PROVISIONS OF THE ACT APPROVED MAY 16, 1861, TO EXCHANGE THE SAME FOR COUPON BONDS.—Parties owning registered eight per cent. bonds under the act of May 16, 1861, desiring to exchange them for coupon bonds, will assign them, in the manner pointed out in the printed endorsement on the back of the certificate, to the "Confederate States of America, in exchange for coupon bonds, " and cause them to be presented to the Register of the Treasury Department, who will thereupon, in compliance with the provisions of the act of June 13, 1864, issue coupon bonds for the amount specified in the registered bonds so assigned.

Secretary of the Treasury. ja 2—ts