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war bonds
From the Sat., Jan. 14, 1865 issue

CERTIFICATES OF INDEBTEDNESS BEARING SIX PER CENT. PER ANNUM INTEREST AND FREE FROM TAXATION. —By the fourteenth section of the act to reduce the currency, approved February 17, 1864, the Secretary of the Treasury is authorized to issue the above certificates, payable two years after the ratification of a treaty of peace with the United States. They can not be sold, but are only to be issued to such creditors of the Government as are willing to receive the same in payment of their demands. They must also be given at par, though free from taxation.

The attention of purchasing agents and disbursing officers of the Government is called to this class of public securities as offering peculiar advantages to those from whom the supplies of the Government are bought; and to facilitate the use of them, checks drawn by disbursing officers upon the depositaries holding these funds, and marked across the face "payable in certificates of indebtedness," will be paid in conformity therewith.

Depositaries are hereby authorized and required to comply with this regulation, and to make application to the Register for supplies of certificates as required.

[Signed] G. A. TRENHOLM,
Secretary of Treasury. ja 2—ts