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war bonds
From the Sat., Jan. 14, 1865 issue

TAXED TREASURY NOTES.—In order to promote, as far as practicable, the early liquidation by the Treasury of the OUTSTANDING TAXED NOTES, the Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, and Pay Depositaries in the different States, are hereby authorized to receive the said notes, except the $100 notes, at 66⅔ per centum, on deposit, issuing for same certificates of loan, upon hypothecation of non-taxable bonds. The said certificates to be payable on demand after the expiration of ninety days.

And all agents for the sale of the above bonds are hereby authorized to receive the taxed notes, with the exception above named, in payment of bonds, when sold, at the rate of 66 ⅔ per centum.

Secretary of the Treasury. ja 2—ts