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articles that list places
fugitive slave ads
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ads--medicine, substitutes, wanted, etc.
articles that list people, esp. marriage notices
for hire and wanted ads
military recruitment
military orders, e.g. conscriptions
From the Sat., Aug. 13, 1864 issue

—I will pay four thousand five hundred dollars for the apprehension and delivery to me in Richmond, or for securing them so that I get them, the following SLAVES, to wit:

JORDAN, a yellow man, about twenty-seven years old, a tolerable carpenter and blacksmith. —Was raised near Christiansburg, Virginia.

LEWIS, a black man, thirty years old; purchased of T. L. Drewney or Broddie, near Hendersonville, North Carolina.

JOSHUA, black, about twenty-eight years old; raised by Walter Coles, of Pittsylvania county; has rather a down look, and is very stout.

JACK, about eighteen years old, black and slim; bought of P. J. Stern, of Raleigh, North Carolina.

JIM, black, about twenty-one or twenty-two years old; raised in Maryland; is tall and very likely.

WILLIAM, a brown-skin boy, about twenty or twenty-two years old; raised in or near this city; once owned by F. J. Sampson, an agent at the Richmond and Danville depot.

ELIJAH, of brown complexion, about thirty-five years old; raised near Charlottesville, and is a No. 1 cook. Both of his leg were swollen and sore at the time he left.

SALLY, a mulatto girl, about twenty-five years old; raised in Loudoun county; was purchased of N. M. Lee; tall and slender, with long black hair.

HARRIST, fifteen or sixteen years old, brown skin, with a bushy head of hair.

They left my farm, in Lunenburg, about the last of June, with the Wilson raiding party. I will pay the above reward for all of them, or five hundred dollars for any one of them.

E. H. STOKES. an 5—4w*