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From the Wed., Jul. 06, 1864 issue

List of North Carolina Sick and Wounded Soldiers, in the Hospitals at Richmond, on the 26th June, 1864:

Mahsley OPriv46AWinderNo 2
Mitchell JnoPriv48MWinder2
Meadows J WPriv27IWinder2
Mitchell J MPriv31GWinder2
Morse R APriv53GWinder2
MrGeo JPriv31CWinder2
McKinney E HPriv21CWinder2
McGoven H PPriv46HWinder2
McKee J WPriv6HWinder2
Murdock R HPriv6EWinder2
Mooney J EPriv28BWinder2
Medlin H L.Priv7GWinder2
Moore G W.Priv38HWinder2
Madding K TPriv43DWinder2
Moore J W.Priv2BWinder2
McCausland CPriv18EWinder2
Mitchell J WMus3IWinderNo 3
Mcutils C E.Priv3IWinder3
Mills P M.Priv4KWinder3
McAlister L APriv23HWinder3
Merit J APriv51BWinder3
McRae J LPriv28EWinder3
Moody J MPriv26EWinder3
McLane NPriv27AWinder3
Malons DPriv48DWinder3
Moore A SPriv5 cvIWinder3
Martin WPriv49AWinder3
Manaing WSergt17AWinder3
Matthews JPriv44AWinder3
Musgrave T HPrivI cvGWinder3
McClannan W HPriv5HWinder3
Myers WPriv14IWinder3
Maddock J MPriv3 cvCWinder3
McLane T GPriv53AWinder3
Messer T DPriv31IWinder3
miles J RPriv16KWinder3
Moore J WPriv1CWinderNo4
Miller J.Priv49CWinder4
Massy JPriv47BWinder4
Morris C BPriv14HWinder4
McPharland P MPriv3CWinder4
Meares APriv32GWinder4
Miller D WPriv54HWinder4
Mayo JPriv44BWinder4
Moore G WPriv15GWinder4
Mashburne J HPriv61AWinder4
McCafferty C WPriv12CWinder4
Melson J APriv2 cvFWinder4
Murry W GPriv47AWinder4
Maser J HPriv33GWinder4
McDonald D WPriv11EWinder4
Morrison APriv55CWinder4
Medlin BPriv48DWinder4
Mann WPriv45BWinder4
Miles J WLieut32DWinder4
Millian S. JPriv16BWinder4
Mobre SamlSergt27HWinder4
Meadows SPriv46EWinder4
McGehee JasPriv46EWinder4
Melton E APriv11DWinderNo 5
Mitchell J MPriv27GWinder5
Morgan J HPriv24EWinder5
McArthur APriv38KWinder5
Mebane J HPriv6FWinder5
McDuffie APriv33EWinder5
Marsh A TSergt53IWinder5
Mil's G FPriv57HWinder5
Morse D NPriv5GWinder5
McGugan HPriv51BWinder5
Merritt. TSergt1 cvIWinder5
McCall J HPriv34GWinder5
May T APriv48BWinder5
McClure WPriv3CWinder5
Morris JPriv2EWinder5
Morgan D SPriv20BWinder5
McAlpin M GPriv37GWinder5
Morris JPriv57GWinder5
Manes JPriv11EWinder5
Morrison C HPriv7AWinder5
Miller K PPriv6GWinder5
Manning M GPriv43GWinder5
Mallory S CPriv12DWinder5
McGinnis B WPriv15CWinder5
Miller LPriv34GWinder5
Miller A PPriv12EWinder5
Martin M CPriv38BWinder5
Michaels W DPriv35KWinder5
Mansfield SPriv45HWinder5
Means J BCorp'l7IWinder5
McCurry EPriv16CWinder5
McClellan W ASergt16CWinderNo6
Matthews J PPriv15GWinder6
McDaniel TPriv53FWinder6
Mather J VPriv38FWinder6
Martin R RSergt22HWinder6
Moore D WPriv28KWinder6
Moore JPriv42FWinder6
Minet TPriv5 cvHWinder6
McSerain M WSpriv23BWinder6
Manier S HSergt23CWinder6
Munroe W PPriv30IWinder6
McLaughlin SPriv4BWinder6
Matthews JPriv57CWinder6
Martin J TPriv42BWinder6
Morrison D CPriv7HWinder6
Miller H NPriv42IWinder6
Morgan JosPriv53DWinderNo 7
May J APriv53AWinder7
Maske J HPriv31BWinder7
Macy W LPriv28IWinder7
McQuan APriv5AWinder7
Morton A BPriv14CWinder7
Morton P FPriv14CWinder7
McDonald APriv8AWinder7
Murray J OPriv24BWinder7
McCarver J EPriv49HWinder7
McCoff J LPriv12EWinder7
Merritt J WPriv1cvIWinder7
McGregor J MPriv14CWinder7
Matthews HPriv12IWinder7
McDonald J FLieut33GWinder7
Marble GPriv2HWinder7
Mann W HPriv12BWinder7
Myers W APriv31AWinder7
McGinnis G APriv32EWinder7
Mason G WPriv21IWinder7
Mulchi G WPriv23IWinder7
Mull J HPriv3 cvFWinder7
Madison H FPriv5 cvDWinder7
Morgan J GPriv48DWinder7
Mayberry C RPriv12FWinder7
Mault J CPriv28DWinder7
McCausland CPriv18EWinderNo 2
Morgan D CPriv21IWinderNo 3
Martin A JPriv22HWinderNo 6
McCullan JnoPriv48AWinder6
McBride JPriv56EWinder6
McGee J JPriv52KWinderNo 7
Mersenheimer M CPriv20DWinder7
Myers W HPriv14IWinder7
Morehead W JPriv15EJacksonNo 1
Manuel HPriv22HJackson1
Mangum S JPriv44AJacksonNo 3
McCrary W MPriv26BJacksonNo 4
Moore D LPriv3HNo 13
McKisson J LPriv11DRec'g &Way'de
Marsh J CPriv4ANo 24
Morris J ALieut15E24
Mitchell W SLieut66B24
Mills J HLieut47H24
McPherson J ACapt6E24
Miller J ECapt53H24
Morse M CCapt21I24
Meadows E H. SgtMaj3124
Mercer M VPriv51D24
Maye HPriv1artA24
Mitchell J MSergt61I24
McJustice T HLieut1I24
Masselwhite J MPriv31A HoGrove
Martin J APriv31BGrove
Massingill BPriv24EChimboNo 2
Moss M JPriv47BChimbo2
Mitchell B APriv21LChimbo2
Maser HPriv48EChimboNo 3
Matthews J ACorp'l56CChimbo3
McGlomery MPriv18EChimbo3
McClure J APriv30KChimbo3
Marshall GPriv7GChimboNo 4
Miller JessePriv5K St Fride Sales
McCall J APriv48I St Fride Sales
Norton EPriv34HWinderNo 1
Nethercutt CPriv66FWinder1
Neagher PPrivWinderNo 2
Nuckolls J HPriv8FWinder2
Newson J FPriv7FWinder2
Normon PPriv21CWinderNo 4
Nicholson J PPriv33IWinder4
Nun W HPriv27GWinder4
Neely APriv51GWinderNo 5
Nane J FPriv23KWinder5
Naniz R CPriv10CWinder5
Naut JPriv26EWinder5
Nix T NPriv24CWinder5
Neabitt G RPriv52AWinderNo 6
Null APriv32EWinder6
Nott BPriv12BWinderNo 7
Nipper J HPriv3IWinder7
Norris APriv54CWinder7
Nicols SPriv37EWinder7
Norwood T HLieut44HJacksonNo 1
Nelson HPriv1 cvINo 13
Nethercutt J W Lt Col66No 4
Norvell JPriv43ENo 24
Nelson NPriv22GHo Grove
Nichols A APriv50KChimboNo 4
Nelton JasPriv2 cvFChimboNo 5
Neal CCorp'l28BChimbo5
Overton JPriv51DWinderNo 1
Orr T WPriv51AWinderNo 2
Osborne HPriv54EWinder2
Osborne J HPriv49FWinder2
Owens J APriv44AWinder2
Overby W BPriv56EWinder2
Oliver N GPriv22EWinder2
Oakley A APriv45AWinder2
Osborne JPriv44HWinderNo 3
Oden GPriv43DWinder3
Owens G FPriv54HWinder3
Overton J MPriv15EWinder3
Osborne R BPriv45FWinderNo 6
Overly WPriv11EWinderNo 7
Oakly LPriv20AWinderNo 2
Oquinn W MPriv2BJacksonNo 4
Owens RPriv48BChimboNo 3
Owens S TPriv58KChimboNo 4
Osborne W BPriv56KChimboNo 5
Patterson D N OPriv45KChimboNo 1
Phillies W HPrivManty's batChimbo1
Patterson T PPriv45AChimbo1
Paliner WmPriv51FChimbo1
Padgett G WPriv43AChimbo1
Penwek C CPriv2DChimbo1
Phipps SPriv66AChimbo1
Pasenor S FPriv16KChimboNo 2
Preslors WPriv48AChimbo2
Power G CPriv20DChimbo2
Pope K RPriv43IChimbo2
Plankinton W. HPriv24EChimbo2
Plummer HPriv27HChimbo2
Presley MPriv6DChimbo2
Patham JnoPriv25IChimbo2
Perry JasPriv31KChimbo2
Phillips LPriv11BChimbo2
Patton T.GPriv1BankWinderNo 2
Pagram J WPriv2EWinder2
Padgatt J CPriv4HWinder2
Porkins D JPriv22GWinder2
Porter EPriv2 cvDWinder2
Procter R GPriv22KWinder2
Parrish HPriv54FWinder2
Parker W.LPriv15AWinder2
Potts F. MPriv28FWinder2
Prittshett J. RPriv21MWinder2
Pack .Wm.Priv54IWinder2
Prain .APriv23CWinder2
Parrish .D. EPriv2BWinder2
Pullant .JPriv44CWinder2
Person J. RPriv20DWinder2
Phillips W. J.Sergt60CWinder2
Prather. W. JPriv41FWinder2
Perkins .BPriv51MWinderNo 3
Pumith. JPriv13KWinder3
Pollock. G. WPriv36FWinder3
Peace JPriv35GWinder3
Puchet. S. GPriv35HWinder3
Parrish. APriv21CWinder3
Pegraham. G. APriv21KWinder3
Pierce W. MPriv42DWinder3
Pate. B.Priv46DWinder3
Patterson W. T.Priv5 cvAWinder3
Phillips. WPriv21IWinder3
Petty G. DPriv26EWinder3
Page DPriv31FWinder3
Paterson W. J.Priv5CWinderNo 4
Petter .W.Priv18CWinder4
Praces D. J.Priv47DWinder4
Pritchard. WPriv32GWinder4
Procton. HPriv86AWinder4
Piks J. W.Priv27AWinder4
Pearson. A.Priv47DWinder4
Price. J.Priv17IWinder4
Parker EPriv41BWinder4
Parry. J. L.Priv45FWinder4
Porkins. JPriv32EWinder4
Parrish .J .DPriv56CWinder4
Pearson. R. GPriv11GWinder4
Powere. DPriv2IWinder4
Preman J. R. EPriv2 cvEWinder4
Pence. APriv44FWinder4
Patton. JPriv27CWinder4
Parker. APriv48EWinder4
Penesley. W. HSergt27BWinder4
Pryton. A. DPriv48CWinder4
Partin A. A.Priv16GWinderNo 5
Parry. J. WPriv1IWinder5
Pitt. WPriv30IWinder5
Petts L. ACapt37CWinder5
Powell. TPriv25GWinder5
Parrish ThosCorps48DWinder5
Pincher. J. M.Priv48FWinder5
Prance. DPriv10DWinder5
Paninger. W. ACorp'l57KWinder5
Pankey. S. W.Priv33EWinder5
Prevatt. J. TPriv51EWinder5
Powers. T. JCorp'l61IWinder5
Pops. RPriv32FWinder5
Powers. WPriv20KWinder5
Parrish. DPriv2EWinder5
Plummer. M. LPriv49CWinder5
Phillips. W. MPriv53AWinder5
Perdle. J. HPriv45AWinder5
Parker. J. CCorp'l8AWinder5
Pyles. A. BPriv51IWinderNo 6
Patton. J. HPriv57IWinder6
Phillips. W. MPriv54BWinder6
Poindexter. R. APriv18FWinder6
Padgets. APriv16EWinder6
Palmer. JPriv24AWinder6
Price. S. DPriv16CWinder6
Price. C. BPriv2CWinder6
Pascall. J. KPriv43GWinderNo 7
Parker. EdPriv31BWinder7
Pains. W. RPriv33BWinder7
Paris. JPriv54FWinder7
Palmor. J. MPriv8NWinder7
Patterson N. CPriv12FWinder7
PerJue. LPriv33DWinder7
Paris JohnPriv35GWinder7
Patterson. B. FPriv3 cvKWinder7
Parker. R. APriv20IWinder7
Pittman. WPriv30IWinder7
Props. W. M.Priv57EWinder7
Parrish. J. APriv31MWinder7
Polleck. W. RPriv20IWinder7
Pritchard. J. WPriv2MWinder7
Puckett. JPriv47AWinder7
Porterfield. F. WPriv31EWinder7
Pegram. J. FPriv32EWinder7
Peachall. W. TPriv15MWinder7
Parrish. APriv21CWinder7
Pendergrass. R. JPriv14AJacksonNo 1
Parry. W. FPriv47EJacksonNo 2
Padgett. LPriv37BJacksonNo 3
Pettigrow. FPriv13KRev'g&Wayside
Paschal. L. ACapt54ENo 24
Pool. W. E. AsstSurg'a31
Pike. LPriv8F24
Physic. J. EPriv12B24
Prestly. CPriv43B24
Perry. S. SEnsign3124
Puel JamePriv61A24
Parker. G. TCapt5H24
Parker. WSergt4K24
Phipps. P. ASergt45F24
Prapost. WSergt57ENo Grove
Penul. SSergt46ENo Grove
Patterson. J. ALieut14GStuart
Palmer. GPriv8KStuart
Petre M. MPriv7BStuart
Pierce. E. GPriv35CChimboNo 2
Price. PPriv22GChimboNo 3
Price. N.Sergt1cvAChimbo3
Pace. WPriv33AChimboNo 4
Patterson. J. SPriv7CChimbo4
Paddy. W. PPriv57EChimbo4
Painter. E. MPriv6CChimboNo 5
Platt. CPriv33CChimbo5
Parker. J. TPriv33EChimbo5
Queen. LPrivPayne's art'yWinderNo 4
Rary. W. APriv66GWinderNo 1
Rasbarry. W. JCapt66FWinder1
Ritch. J. LPriv1 cvFWinder1
Rudley W. CPriv5MWinder1
Reed. J. BPriv49WinderNo 2
Ramasy. J. NCapt8Winder2
Robins. BPriv25CWinder2
Rodgers JohnPriv4DWinder2
Rbodes. G. WPriv2GWinder2
Rowan. J. WPriv66MWinder2
Rodgers. A. KPriv41KWinder2
Reid. J. MPriv7FWinder2
Register. NPriv2FWinder2
Raukin APriv52HWinder2
Rodwell. J. DPriv42GWinder2
Romsey C. MPriv2EWinderNo 3
Rows. WPriv2BWinder3
Radford. MPriv51IWinder3
Rossick. G. WPriv34GWinder3
Robinson. GPriv3 cvCWinder3
Riggsby. L. GPriv15DWinder3
Raymonds. CPriv37HWinder3
Roggs. R. MPriv3GWinder3
Riggeny. WPriv47IWinder3
Ramer. R. MPriv5RWinder3
Rhodes. A. MPriv4 cvCWinder3
Riggs. LPriv1cvAWinder3
Roock. J. BCapt44IWinder3
Ratiffe. W. TPriv14MWinder3
Ray. D. JPriv49MWinder3
Rhark. J. WPrivPotts's bat'yWinder3
Rhodes. APriv25MWinder3
Reynolds. S. PPriv20GWinder3
Riggsty. W. HPriv5EWinderNo 4
Reed. J. CPriv11EWinder4
Reval. RPriv34MWinder4
Rhodes. J. BPriv5KWinder4
Robinson. A. WPriv3 cvGWinder4
Robinson. W. CPriv48CWinder4
Radford. PPriv27CWinder4
Robeson. JPriv43KWinder4
Roberts. RPriv45AWinderNo 5
Riley. JPriv1AWinder5
Robinson. J. HPriv17AWinder5
Richardson. J. JPriv43EWinder5
Rodger. G. WPriv43FWinder5
Rich. W. PPriv45EWinder5
Resuple. J. APriv42GWinder5
Rose. H. RPriv52AWinder5
Richardson. W. EPriv52FWinder5
Reterts. S. WPriv8DWinderNo 6
Ranner. DPriv6KWinder6
Reavis. S. WPriv23GWinder6
Roghis. C. APriv46AWinder6
Reaves. DPriv13KWinder6
Richards. T. BPriv12KWinder6
Rich. S. NPriv5 cvCWinder6
Roebuck. S. LPriv17AWinder6
Rushing. FCorp'l23AWinder6
Rawlins. J. TPriv21EWinder6
Richardson. NPriv30BWinder6
Rich. S. PPriv42FWinder6
Richardson. WPriv5CWinder6
Rawlins. WPriv16FWinder6
Rons. APriv3DWinder6
Rein. DPriv34EWinder6
Rawlings. T. TPriv13GWinderNo 7
Robinson. EPriv23GWinder7
Rushing. A. DPriv53IWinder7
Rus. JPriv1FWinder7
Roper. E. EPriv16FWinder7
Raglin. C. APriv46AWinder7
Richardson. JPriv52EWinder7
Ray. A. BPriv45GWinder7
Rich. P. MPriv1 cvFWinder7
Richardson. A. MPriv44EWinder7
Robinson. M. BPriv43DWinderNo 2
Rutherford. SSergt31Winder2
Rix. EPriv1EWinderNo 4
Rix. W. LPriv66GWinder4
Rix. R. LPriv15IWinder4
Robinson. A. FPriv51MWinder5
Rudd. J. FPriv28AWinderNo 6
Robertson. W. WPriv25CWinderNo 7
Ross. J. HPriv7IWinder7
Reams. JPriv44FJacksonNo 1
Rows. J. DSergt46KJacksonNo 4
Rumsfeld. M. LPriv43BNo 13
Ricks. A. HPriv3 cvG13
Roberts. C. ALieut1 cvBNo 24
Rice. J. FPriv12F24
Ray JasPriv1 cvA24
Ray. N. WCapt6A24
Reese. A. BPriv43H24
Rasash. G. WPriv34GNo Grove
Robinson. J. NPriv24MGrove
Renan. E. MPriv21DStuart
Rhyns. R. HPriv4HStuart
Randolph. BPriv16CStuart
Ramses. T. JPriv11GStuart
Ross. J. YPriv4FChimb'sNo 1
Royal. APriv2EChimb'sNo 2
Richardson. JPriv2 batFChimb'sNo 3
Ruffin. J. DPriv61FChimb's3
Ragers. C. IPriv43AChimb's3