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From the Mon., Jul. 04, 1864 issue

List of North Carolina Sick and Wounded Soldiers, in the Hospitals at Richmond, on the 20th June, 1864:


Gross WPriv28BWinderNo 5
Gibson G WPriv4BWinder5
Guffy J FPriv5HWinder5
Gardner G APriv32HWinder5
Grant EPriv4DWinder5
Garbode LewisPriv48KWinder5
Gardner H HPriv2 cvGWinder5
Griffey J HPriv43BWinder5
Green K PPriv6EWinder5
Gilliam JPriv32BWinder5
Goodson W MFergt24FWinder5
Gordon W HPriv44AWinder5
Goulding J HPrivPits's batWinder5
Griffith A APriv14GWinder5
Guthrie C CPriv23KWinder5
Griffin W APriv53IWinderNo 6
Gibbins APriv16GWinder6
Gameson W FSergt48HWinder6
Genes J WCorpl18BWinder6
Garner W BPriv13BWinder6
Glover W WSergt31AWinderNo 7
Goodwin HPriv31DWinder7
Galley L BPriv46AWinder7
Gibbs J SPriv34BWinder7
Gough G HPriv3HWinder7
Golding CPriv61EWinder7
Gordon R MPriv32EWinder7
Gadd JPriv44HWinder7
Gates T LPriv43IWinder7
Gay J WPriv33KWinder7
Goodman GPriv46KWinder7
Gaddy A HPriv43IWinder7
Gooch WmPriv14KWinderNo 2
Gay BPriv13KWinder2
Goodman A MPriv57CWinder2
Glenn R SPriv25BWinder2
Gillaspie W LPriv1 cvGWinderNo 4
Gothrie J RCorpl48GWinder4
Grubbs W HPriv59BWinderNo 6
Gilmore S MPriv21MWinder6
Glasgow W HPriv12GJacksonNo 1
Grimsley J MLieut37KJackson1
Gortney F FLieut37BJackson1
Gray W HLieut33FJackson1
Gardiner W JLieutManly'sbatJackson1
Grimsley LLieut26AJackson1
Gordon G TLt Col34No 4
Gideney J MCapt12ENo 24
Griffin W JPriv31FH Grove
Gould A JPriv15AH Grove
Griffin WmPriv47DChimb'oNo 3
Gardner J APriv17AChimb'o3
Gillespie J BCorpl28HChimb'o3
Gains C WSergt16IChimb'oNo 4
Gregery MPriv51EChimb'o4
Green J EPriv43CChimb'o4
Gillespie W GPriv6CChimb'o4
Hicks CPriv7KWinderNo 1
Hall D FCorpl53GWinder1
Hendricks WPriv12CWinder1
Horton R TPriv4FWinder1
Hicks S MPriv8FWinder1
Harrell J CPriv6HWinder1
Hanley W DPriv20HWinder1
Hutton GeoPriv1 cvHWinder1
Hardy J APriv50DWinder1
Harmon JPriv28CWinder1
Halcombe JPriv66KWinder1
Holder W HPriv57CWinderNo 2
Harrold J FPriv57DWinder2
Honeysuckler WmPriv38IWinder2
Hudson LPriv1KWinder2
Harrald LPriv54FWinder2
Happer T JPriv25BWinder2
Hazell M CPriv1 cvAWinder2
Hay G RPriv55KWinder2
Harris W OPriv26BWinder2
Hall R TCapt43IWinder2
Harris TPriv21LWinder2
Horton O CPriv17BWinder2
Harkey J JPriv49FWinder2
Huddiestine WPriv46EWinder2
Hokes J PPriv21AWinder2
Hargis R SPriv54KWinder2
Holland JnoPriv54FWinder2
Hooser E JPriv21FWinder2
Hickman HPriv18CWinder2
Heims L RPriv7HWinder2
Holland W TPriv1CWinder2
Hall ThoPriv32GWinder2
Hunter W JPriv3 cvIWinder2
Highfield W FPriv5 cvIWinder2
Highsmith R SPriv3 cvDWinderNo 3
Henderson S WPriv16HWinder3
Horne S LPriv34KWinder3
Hill MPriv23HWinder3
Hopkins S APriv38HWinder3
Holton J MPriv54HWinder3
Hunnicutt HPriv46IWinder3
Hessin J WPriv55BWinder3
Hodges J RPriv61HWinder3
Huffsteden J HPriv12GWinder3
Helms HPriv48AWinder3
Hooks JPriv42DWinder3
Hipp JPriv31GWinder3
Helton WPriv54BWinder3
Harrison P MPriv66HWinder3
Holbrook WPriv7KWinder3
Harvill JPriv52GWinder3
Hall W JPriv47CWinder3
Hall T WPriv23CWinder3
Harrison JPriv17AWinder3
Hayes LPriv47GWinder3
Holmes OCorpl46IWinder3
Hamilton J TPriv13DWinder3
Hegler PPriv48IWinder3
Holt D APriv5EWinderNo 4
Haynes RPriv11IWinder4
Hynseiman J SPriv5GWinder4
Harrison HPriv51EWinder4
Holland JPriv43IWinder4
Hoffer JnoPriv32BWinder4
Hughes JPriv48FWinder4
Herrin JPriv66CWinder4
Hawkine J SPriv22KWinder4
Hawkins A FPriv22KWinder4
Haggin J FPriv52GWinder4
Harrell GPriv52CWinder4
Henry B GPriv11HWinder4
Harris W HPriv2 cvLWinder4
Harris J APriv66GWinder4
Hedgepath APriv27GWinder4
Hill WmPriv48IWinder4
Hagian J MPriv48IWinder4
Hall N CPriv11HWinder4
Holder J WPriv46GWinderNo 5
Hoover J MPriv46FWinder5
Hup W HPriv15FWinder5
Hooker J WPriv2 batAWinder5
Hamrick EPriv12EWinder5
Harvey RPriv45KWinder5
Hoyt MPriv30HWinder5
Huffins HPriv53AWinder5
Henley APriv6HWinder5
Howard BPriv2KWinder5
Hicks LPriv21FWinder5
Harman W HPriv37EWinder5
Holder APriv5AWinder5
Halterman J APriv33AWinder5
Hinsen JPriv20KWinder5
Hager R TPriv23KWinder5
Hatley NPriv27FWinder5
Hooks W HPriv15IWinder5
Hill JPriv27GWinder5
Halloway J APriv22FWinder5
Herrings JPriv66CWinder5
Haynes BPriv2DWinder5
Haws EPriv20GWinder5
Hales HPriv32KWinder5
Harris J JPriv43GWinder5
Hasper W HCorpl35DWinder5
Hursh WPrv38AWinderNo 6
Hanes S NPrv38GWinder6
Hines J BPrv28BWinder6
Haries GPrv26HWinder6
Heless T HPrv1 cvCWinder6
Hubbard JPrv43KWinder6
Honycutt JPrv42HWinder6
Hampton R FPrv27BWinder6
Harris W OPrv11AWinder6
Hicks GPrv33HWinder6
Hennis P BCorpl22HWinder6
Helms A CPrv37DWinder6
Harding APrv26CWinder6
Horne N CPrv43HWinder6
Hays S WSergt5BWinder6
Hopkins ESergt43FWinderNo 7
Holston APrv63AWinder7
Henry J APrv14CWinder7
Harrington C TPrv51FWinder7
Hebner BPrv23AWinder7
Holden H FPrv55IWinder7
Hagger D LPrv16CWinder7
Haynes L APrv51HWinder7
Hall H WPrv20IWinder7
Hudson WPrv53DWinder7
Harris G WPrv38BWinder7
Huggins B FPrv61KWinder7
Horton R RPrv17CWinder7
Harris E KPrv14GWinder7
Haines J FPrv28IWinder7
Hudson SPrv46IWinder7
Hill LPrv46GWinder7
Hollemon C BPrv6IWinder7
Hall N CPrv11HWinder7
Henry B GPrv11HWinder7
Hawkins W PPrv27HWinderNo 1
Hall W DPrv28FWinderNo 2
Harrison J HPrv45EWinder2
Harrison WmPrv21FWinder2
Hurbert JPrv12GWinderNo 6
Halen DPrv35CWinder6
Harris M APrv7AJacksonNo 1
Hix WPrv53DJacksonNo 2
Henry L J LCorpl63EJacksonNo 3
Hunter H SPriv23KJacksonNo 4
Holmes E HPriv2CNo 13
Hicks J HLieut48BNo 4
Hand P HLieut45DNo 24
Hoke Asst Surg G M Hoke's Staff24
Hardista A SSergt38ANo 24
Hillsworth HPriv14H24
Higgins F GPriv61K24
Hall B FSergt43A24
Henderson D JPriv35A24
Hobbe Wm HSergt31H24
Hedgepath J TPriv31AHo Grove
Hardy T WPriv30BStuart
Hanser HPriv11IStuart
Holder H HPriv2FStuart
Howard J MPriv49FChimboNo 1
Horaback HPriv43KChimboNo 3
Hood W LPriv30KChimbo3
Hudgins W JPriv51HChimboNo 4
Hunter WPriv18DChimbo4
Hopkins PPriv1 cvCChimbo4
Hudson JPriv61IChimbo4
Hufts M NPriv65HChimbo4
Hicks APriv35BChimbo4
Hicks J DPriv43GChimboNo 5
Hasaw Z TPriv25IChimbo5