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From the Sat., Jul. 02, 1864 issue

List of North Carolina Sick and Wounded Soldiers, in the Hospitals at Richmond, on the 20th June, 1864:


Debecy J NPriv31BWinderNo 2
Denton EPriv6AWinder2
Dilly FPriv46HWinder2
Dean JPriv30GWinder2
Dixon SCapt27GWinderNo 3
Davis FPriv15GWinder3
Delphi L HPrivPayne'sbatWinder3
Douglass E JPriv15FWinder3
Dalby A JPriv6KWinder3
Davis W GPriv23CWinder3
Davis RPrivManly'sbatWinder3
Deal M MPriv46KWinder3
Daniel M GSeigt8GWinder3
Dorson RPriv66FWinder3
Durdon JPriv55IWinder3
Dowdy EPriv8BWinder3
Denny J RCorpt3CWinder3
Day WPriv37BWinder3
Davidson T FPriv4AWinderNo 4
Dillinger L MPriv52GWinder4
Dickey JasPriv35EWinder4
Dickins HPriv57CWinder4
Drake W RPriv35DWinder4
Davis E LPriv3GWinder4
Dees J TCorp'l27AWinder4
Darden J CPriv16DWinderNo 5
Dees J BPriv43KWinder5
Dushee JPriv5DWinder5
Daniels K JPriv4IWinder5
Dale W DPriv2AWinder5
Dillinger S DPriv52GWinder5
Deston HPriv23CWinder5
Dass R APriv21HWinder5
Deal RPriv30FWinder5
DeLeach M ECorp'l15AWinderNo 6
Dicks W CPriv31 cvGWinder6
Dobson E JCapt22KWinder6
Durham B DPriv38IWinder6
Deaton LPriv43HWinderNo. 7
Dunninau PPriv7GWinder7
Davis B CPriv61DWinder7
Dixon RPrivGardnet'sbatWinder7
Daniel J APriv12CWinder7
Davis B PPriv30BWinder7
Donahue D APriv4BWinder7
Dicken L RPriv5EWinder7
Dorem D JPriv28CWinder7
Doland DPriv45FWinder7
Duncan GeoPriv13DWinder7
Dees JPriv43IWinder7
Dorsett MPriv26GWinder7
Dugains J FPriv21MWinder7
Dean W E.Lieut7CWinder7
Davis WPriv44BWinderNo 4
Denny J WPriv35EWinderNo 6
Dillinger J TPriv23FJacksonNo 1
Devane JLt Col61No 4
Dupree W BLieut43ENo 24
Dillard W JPriv4HNo 24
Dunn S MLieut1st artANo 24
Davis RPrivManly'sbatHo Grove
Dewit C FPriv56KStuart
Dupree J KPriv24DChimb'oNo 2
Deal APriv8EChimb'oNo 3
Davis R TPriv2BChimb'o3
Duke S SPriv43GChimb'oNo 4
Dunagan LPriv57KChimb'o4
Davidson J PPriv45KChimb'o4
Downs J SCorp'l26ISt Fr De Sales
Edwards J RPriv31BWinderNo 7
Elmore E RPriv31BWinder7
Elk JnoPriv27EWinderNo 1
Ellen HPriv53KWinder1
Elkins SPriv20KWinder1
Ellis JPriv66KWinder1
Evans APriv43CWinderNo 2
Edwards J JPriv21DWinder2
Edwards BPriv22FWinder2
Evans J APriv53FWinder2
Edwards H ASergt28GWinder2
Ellison JnoPriv2CWinder2
Ezell J CPriv51BWinderNo 3
Ezell C HPriv51BWinder3
Earls M LPriv55DWinder3
Enzor W HPriv20CWinder3
Edwards GPriv61IWinder3
Earnheart A SPriv57CWinder3
Earnheart J NCorpt11AWinder3
Ellis JPriv35BWinderNo 4
Ethridge W APriv4 cvGWinder4
Ezell C WPriv5 cvCWinder4
Elliot J HPriv1 cvBWinder4
Ennis WPriv57KWinder4
Everheart H WPriv10BWinder4
Eder TPriv53KWinder4
Ennis C WPriv23BWinder4
Everett LPriv5HWinder4
Ekard A SPriv46KWinder4
Eulip E SCapt15HWinder4
Edson T NPriv48CWinder4
Epicks JnoPriv48HWinder4
Elliott WmPriv45EWinderNo 5
Eddings WPriv26KWinder5
Estep H DCorpt61IWinder5
Eckard WPriv23AWinder5
Ellis J JPriv43FWinder5
Edwards TPriv7CWinder5
Etmore E RPriv53CWinderNo 7
Edwards J PPriv31BWinder7
Everheart PPriv57AWinder7
Everitt JPriv32FWinder7
Epps J ASergt23CWinder7
Eller JPriv23DWinderNo 6
Essex DPriv48HWinder6
Elliott JPriv49IWinderNo 7
Edwards A DPriv28CJacksonNo 1
Eliett APriv45DJacksonNo 3
Essex W RPriv48HJacksonNo 4
Edward J FPriv43ENo 24
Ellington A PPriv22MHo Grove
Evans WPriv5FChimb'oNo 4
Ezzell E JPriv51BSt Fr De Sales
Edwards J DPrivSt Fr De Sales
Fraser R JPriv13BWinderNo 1
Faircloth WmPriv20FWinder1
Forbes JPriv8AWinder1
Freisland R JPriv8HWinderNo 2
Furgeson N HPriv46HWinder2
Fowler CPriv25EWinder2
Fowler ZPriv13DWinder2
Fuquar K WPriv45GWinder2
Foster WPriv30CWinder2
Farris J APriv46FWinder2
Farrington A PSergt8BWinder2
Fisher J APriv57DWinder2
Fair WPriv46BWinderNo 3
Flint T PPriv57DWinder3
Finger H FPriv11HWinder3
File M CPriv5KWinder3
Franklin RPriv55EWinder3
Fowler J RPriv3CWinderNo 4
Foster J APriv52FWinder4
Fleming SPriv12CWinder4
Frazier J KPriv13BWinder4
Fleming PSergt27HWinder4
Fletcher JnoPriv48KWinder4
Flack D GSergt45AWinderNo 5
Foust APriv14HWinder5
Fields J OPriv20KWinder5
Fogleman PPriv1EWinder5
Fargis J NPriv45EWinder5
Fulk CalvinPriv48KWinder5
Freeman S WPriv3 cvIWinder5
Fowler J APriv28IWinderNo 6
Fowler LPriv34IWinder6
Ferguson J CPriv35CWinder6
Fagg J HPriv2CWinder6
Frazier FPriv22IWinder6
Fleming TPriv17KWinder6
Forrest HPriv49BWinder6
Fincher FPriv48FWinder6
Freeman B PPriv15EWinder6
Fulton JPriv57DWinder6
Faltcloth J ZPriv46IWinder6
Ferrell B SPriv5GWinder6
Foster E WPriv53KWinder6
Fete D KPrivWm'sbat'yWinder6
Fouts JPriv47KWinder6
Fulbright J WPriv6KWinder6
Farrow J SPriv8FWinderNo 4
Freeman J GPriv16GWinderNo 6
Fason S W EPriv38DWinder6
Featherston C HPriv45DWinder6
Fulham J LPriv20DWinder6
Fairchild W APriv53KWinder6
Fletcher W EPriv12IJacksonNo 1
Fry WPriv4EJackson1
Fadget WPriv47HJacksonNo 2
Fulp J DPriv57DJacksonNo 3
Flutewood T JPriv27FJacksonNo 4
Fiter W SPriv2 evDJackson4
Fore L BPriv1stEngNo 13
Fullmore A CLieut51FNo 4
Farthry H HPriv37ENo 24
Faulk H GPriv48FH Grove
Fouts J NPriv56KStuart
Fanil G MPriv44GChimb'oNo 1
Futrel NPriv43AChimb'oNo 2
Freeland J RPriv34DChimb'oNo 3
Franklin EPriv16EChimb'oNo 4
Gibson J JPriv48KWinderNo 1
Gates A MPriv23BWinderNo 2
Griffin B JPriv48EWinder2
Goodson FPriv52HWinder2
Gibson MPriv43BWinder2
Griffin R MPriv32HWinder2
Groon TheoPriv46EWinder2
Gupton W CSergt15GWinder2
Goodman J TPriv4 bandWinder2
Gamble A GPriv14GWinder2
Gardner J HPriv12BWinder2
Griffin GPriv18EWinder2
Grumby W APriv22FWinder2
Gay J EPriv26BWinder2
Grimsley J KPriv61IWinder2
Grimsley LPriv51EWinder2
Gibbons APriv42AWinder2
Gobble JPriv15CWinder2
Galyer APriv21CWinder2
Griffin T CPriv37GWinder2
Green KPriv61HWinderNo 3
Goodwin EPriv27BWinder3
Gathins GPriv43KWinder3
Gatewood J BPriv22HWinder3
Goodson J WPriv52GWinder3
Grice R SPriv28CWinder3
Graddy G WPriv27BWinder3
Gallemore B FPriv11IWinder3
Guigamas G WPriv65IWinder3
Glover R DPriv15AWinder3
Goodman J HPriv47UWinder3
Garsett G WPriv16IWinderNo 4
Goodward NPriv17KWinder4
Greer J EPriv26IWinder4
Goodin CPriv66FWinder4
J APriv15MWinder4
Gelleland H APriv49IWinder4
Gates JPriv31EWinder4
Grigg B FPriv56FWinder4
Garner MPriv1 cvCWinder4
A LPriv23IWinder4
Gurley W MPriv27KWinder4
Goswick W APriv15BWinder4
Gaston D JPriv7CWinder4