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From the Fri., Jul. 01, 1864 issue

List of North Carolina Sick and Wounded Soldiers, in the Hospitals at Richmond, on the 20th June, 1864;


Baker EPriv38CJacksonNo 1
Brown J A DPriv46DJacksonNo 2
Bridges J MPriv18IJackson2
Bridges ZPriv12EJackson2
Baster A F49AJackson2
Bannes HPriv7KJacksonNo 3
Brown WmPriv68No 13
Baker O PCapt8ANo 4
Blake J RCaptCling'n'sStfNo 24
Blue J GLieut7FNo 24
Burwell R TPriv43BNo 24
Bettamy T MPriv12FNo 24
Bradly F MBegler10BNo 24
Beard I WCapt20FNo 24
Ballard R ELieut32KNo 24
Bryan J CLieutLane'sStfNo 24
Men NPriv61BNo 24
Battle DorseyLieut7ANo 24
Bishop W GPriv14ENo 24
Barrett G PPriv30GNo 24
Blalock W MPriv35ENo 24
Bennett JSergt14DNo 24
Bobbitt P ACorp'l12FNo 24
Blevins SPriv34GNo 24
Belo A HCo55H Grove
Buxley G SPriv44HH Grove
Bryan BPriv43AH Grove
Bass JPriv2BH Grove
Brown BPriv21LH Grove
Baker S JPriv23EStuart
Brunson J HPriv1CStuart
Burgess W LPriv22KStuart
Bowers R SPriv711Stuart
Blane W SPriv71Stuart
Bennett D RCorp'l41Stuart
Bass H NPrivI cvFStuart
Bradshaw D WPriv43AChimb'oNo 1
Bruce T CPriv38GChimb'oNo 2
Beaty J FPriv53AChimb'o2
Bradberry J APriv27KChimb'o2
Barger NoahPriv24CChimb'o2
Brathers S APriv54AChimb'oNo 3
Bather M EPriv24IChimb'o3
Brady NPriv56DChimb'o3
Bell SPriv51EChimb'oNo 4
Bergis JPriv17CChimb'o4
Bland C HPriv33GChimb'o4
Bareham J MPriv33DChimb'o4
Bullock CPriv51FChimb'o4
Butler WPriv51AChimb'o4
Badget JPriv2 batBChimb'oNo 5
Brown W RPriv56CChimb'o5
Burton O KPriv1 evIChimb'o5
Bullard JPriv20CChimb'o5
Beasley JCorp'l24AChimb'o5
Beeman H G24 Lt43HSt Fr De Sales
Chesunt O LPriv5 evAWinderNo 1
Crumble R NPriv56CWinder1
Chuk G NPriv53FWinder1
Cladielter J HPriv14HWinder1
Cobb RPriv45GWinder1
Cade P KPriv33KWinder1
Caldwell H BPriv46KWinder1
Craiz EPriv48IWinderNo 2
Cross Wm GPriv23IWinder2
Canthen J OPriv11HWinder3
Covingto H PPriv46DWinder2
Cally JasSergt66CWinder2
Casher JPriv56KWinder2
Crowley A VPriv53BWinder2
Crutchfield R CPriv21HWinder2
Caley W CPriv56HWinder2
Cox J JPriv23AWinder2
Coon B GLieut15DWinder2
Carral J RPrivManly's batWinder2
Cross EPriv5HWinder2
Cander J RPriv46IWinder2
Cooper HPriv11CWinder2
Carter W DPriv22DWinder2
Chancer W CPriv33BWinderNo 4
Coleman J DPriv45AWinder4
Christopher JPriv6KWinder4
Campbell JPriv13BWinder4
Chappel C JPriv28IWinder4
Carter CPriv14EWinder4
Cox C DPriv14HWinder4
Coggins N RPriv44FWinder4
Costin APriv18EWinder4
Craft E HPriv44IWinder4
Crause APriv37FWinder4
Carter J WPriv5DWinder4
Cavner MPriv28BWinder4
Coghill C GPriv8DWinder4
Cann EPriv8FWinder4
Clinard APriv15HWinder4
Clayton HPriv6BWinder4
Cole EPriv32RWinder4
Clayton S HPriv53GWinder4
Carver CPriv15EWinder4
Cook J MPriv49HWinder4
Cave APriv2 batBWinder4
Coon APriv4DWinder4
Curry JasPriv48HWinder4
Campbell H APriv46DWinder4
Cobb J HPriv27DWinder4
Collina T WPriv54GWinderNo 3
Carro I S RPriv3AWinder3
Coadry GPriv35BWinder3
Cobble JPriv53EWinder3
Couch W DPriv5 cvGWinder3
Cadifor HPriv17FWinder3
Carlisle WPriv17EWinder3
Cutts HPriv44AWinder3
Connell JPriv44AWinder3
Covington T TPriv62EWinder3
Cobb J APriv26IWinder3
Canle W JPriv2 batDWinder3
Carter S HPriv21AWinder3
Coward E MPriv25GWinder3
Cochran J FPriv25AWinder3
Cash E SPriv45HWinder3
Craddock LPriv45AWinder3
Cooper A JPriv46IWinder3
Cherry R APriv17HWinder3
Cauble W PPriv44FWinderNo 5
Carpenter WPriv1CWinder5
Combs FPriv32IWinder5
Camber H WPriv20GWinder5
Candle DPriv61DWinder5
Canady JPriv48BWinder5
Chambers APriv43MWinder5
Cogde I Y TPriv2d batHWinder5
Coggins E HPriv27IWinder5
Cuaningham J EPriv27DWinder5
Coon H HCapt27KWinder5
Clapp J EPriv21MWinder5
Cany W A JPriv45EWinder5
Clarke LPriv5HWinder5
Craddock F NPriv1HWinder5
Clement H ALieut54AWinder5
Cline J FCorp'l20BWinder5
Chandler W TPriv21AWinder5
Claninger WPriv32BWinder5
Cannon JPriv27EWinder5
Cain PPrivPongue's artWinder5
Conner J DPriv28IWinder5
Carpenter J LPriv27EWinder5
Cathoun FPriv32AWinder5
Crowell R DPriv4KWinder5
Crouch JasPriv38EWinder5
Cander JasPriv13IWinder5
Chappell W CPriv5FWinderNo 6
Covington HPriv13HWinder6
Coffman G DPriv7BWinder6
Craft B VPriv13DWinder6
Cline JSergt53FWinder6
Cooper JasPriv17CWinder6
Carpenter J TSergt28BWinder6
Cobb JPriv56AWinder6
Creagor MPriv22AWinder6
Cooper R ACorp'l16DWinder6
Currin EPriv6 AFWinder6
Clary A JPriv46BWinder6
Coley JPriv23EWinder6
Crews G DPriv23EWinder6
Carner APriv46EWinder6
Cornelius JPriv5KWinder6
Craig NPriv23HWinder6
Carlisle HPriv12IWinder6
Coggins JPriv38CWinder6
Cade NPriv33KWinderNo 7
Caten WmPriv1KWinder7
Christy APriv4AWinder7
Cobb RPriv14DWinder7
Cook A MPriv20KWinder7
Carey H BPriv27AWinder7
Cladferter RPriv43HWinder7
Cobb RPriv14DWinder7
Camp NPriv5GWinder7
Cruse MCorp'l5EWinder7
Carter NPriv51EWinder7
Culbeth W FPriv5CWinder7
Callunaway A FPriv1st cvAWinder7
Cash JPriv5 cavIWinder7
Cladfelter C WPriv46KWinder7
Cline APriv28CWinder7
Cook N MPriv6KWinder7
Coltrain B DPriv27BWinder7
Coleman MPriv45KWinder7
Crawford A WPriv44FWinder7
Culbreth DPriv16HWinder7
Campbell A AMusic'n20DWinder7
Caldwell W ASergt63KWinder7
Cates L BPriv44GWinder7
Cross B EPriv20BWinder7
Caldwell G EPriv32EWinder7
Curran LPriv55KWinder7
Cammack TPriv61GWinderNo 6
Clawson—Citizen No 13,Rik's Cross Road
Capps M RPriv56AJacksonNo 4
Culneston JPriv7Jackson No 1
Chine J PPriv38FJackson1
Can MPriv8FNo 24
Colton J HChap53No 24
Cooper J ACapt & A A G licke's divNo 24
Corbitt JPriv3d cvANo 24
Collier S PLieut2HNo 24
Chappell R HPriv23KNo 24
Cordell R HPriv1 EaFNo 24
Colline PSergt12HNo 24
Carter J RPriv45GNo 24
Coghill WPriv2HHo Grove
Causey R MPriv45CHo Grove
Curry D JPriv51DChimb'oNo 2
Coleman DPriv20GChimb'o2
Covington H RPriv27HChimb'o2
Coley J APriv38KChimb'o2
Cannegay A SPriv43AChimb'oNo 3
Childress P APriv7KChimb'oNo 4
Cox JPriv14KChimb'o4
Carrier A RLieut56BChimb'o4
Crowell J MSergt30IChimb'o4
Cyrus G WPriv12HChimb'oNo 5
Chambers D WPriv37DSt Fr De Sales
Donnell S HLieut45CWinderNo 1
Douglass W HPriv33PWinder1
Davis H WPriv56KWinder1
Davis W APriv6EWinder1
Dansey D HPriv53GWinder1
Dunnelly A JPriv57IWinder1
Donnell A BPriv45MWinder1
Davis JPriv54IWinder1
Dudley HPriv56AWinderNo 2
Dean GPriv5KWinder2