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From the Thu., Jun. 30, 1864 issue

List of North Carolina Sick and Wounded Soldiers, in the Hospitals at Richmond, on the 20th June, 1864:

Anthony M,Priv.16thMWinder,No. 1
Abernathy A,Priv.28thBWinder,No.1
Alexander A, Priv.61stHWinder,1
Armstrong ThosPrive.43rdIWinder,No. 2
Adams E JPrive.28thFWinder,2
Alexander F J,Prive.18thKWinder,2
Albright T J,Capt43dIWinder,2
Aken J,Priv.56thFWinder,No 3
Alford J.Priv.38thKWinder,3
Antrey V B,Priv.5thAWinder,3
Adams J K,Priv.44thDWinder,No 4
Ashorsy J RPriv.24thGWinder,4
Apple EPriv.3d cvCWinder,4
Ausan T HPriv.48thIWinder,4
Auton W BPriv.26thFWinder,No 5
Askew R JPriv.1stFWinder,5
Arnold APriv.53dHWinder,5
Allen R SPriv.48thDWinder,5
Allen C APriv.15GWinder,5
Albert R JPriv.6FWinder,5
Arrington C GCorpl12IWinder,5
Armstrong APriv.30IWinder,5
Alexander D LSergt7HWinder,5
Albertson E RPriv.56EWinder,No 6
Apple J HPriv.53AWinder,6
Alexander CPriv.7HWinder,6
Allen J HPriv.35EWinder,6
Alfred S CPriv.22FWinder,6
Abernathy J SPriv.28CWinder,6
Alcorn J CSergt5 cvKWinder,6
Armstrong J MPriv5 cvEWinder,6
Arnold J CPriv1 cvCWinder,6
Adams P WPriv48CWinder,6
Austin LPriv7AWinder,6
Allen BPriv13EWinder,No 7
Allison APriv31DWinder,7
Adams WPriv3CWinder,7
Alexander J NPriv26BWinder,7
Armstrong J MPriv5 cvFWinder,7
Armstrong D MPriv28HWinder,7
Allen R BPriv27EJacksonNo 2
Anderson W MPriv4DJacksonNo 4
Ashley A JLieut51ENo 4
Alexander JMWLieut7HNo 24
Ardry W ECapt30KNo 24
Adcock WPriv30BNo 24
Ayres HPriv27BNo 24
Alphin J WPriv3CChimbor'sNo 1
Aliman CPrivManly'sbatChimbor'sNo 2
Allison K MLieut2 cvBChimbor'sNo 3
Andrews W DPriv41BChimbor's3
Askew CPriv5 cvKChimbor'sNo 4
Allen W CSergt4CChimbor's4
Andrews APriv13EChimbor's4
Allen DPriv31HChimbor'sNo 5
Aberuethy EPriv47AChimbor's5
Arnt J MPriv12ASt Fr. De Sales.
Brown W CPriv53KWinderNo 1
Bair JPriv31AWinder1
Bowman LPriv32EWinder1
Bray B FLieut2AWinder1
Bell G HPriv24KWinder1
Banton FPriv30EWinder1
Bianton J APriv3 cvAWinder1
Bullard NPriv20KWinder1
Butler EPriv20KWinder1
Baker G WPriv5FWinder1
Banks B FPriv61KWinder1
Boiton JPriv52EWinder1
Bell W RCapt.57BWinder1
Brinson F BPriv56HWinder1
Butler JnoPriv46IWinder1
Beverly HCapt43HWinder1
Benyman S WPriv1 cvFWinder1
Bellamy J WPriv46CWinderNo 2
Brognan W GPriv11Cwinder2
Balawin WmPrivPoague'sbt artWinder2
Baleges J LPriv26GWinder2
Brooks Wm MPriv34BWinder2
Blanton T WLieut38HWinder2
Barristrick GPriv5AWinder2
Bailett R WPriv22HWinder2
Barnes W PCorpl33AWinder2
Barnes W TPriv43CWinder2
Brown J EPriv49BWinder2
Batren D JPriv3 cvAWinder2
Brindle H FPriv53DWinder2
Barksdale GeoPriv8HWinder2
Beard J WPriv21FWinder2
Bird L CPriv54EWinder2
ell EPriv21HWinder2
Brooks W EChap2batt'nWinder2
Bobbett T BPriv21AWinder2
Burk EPriv16EWinder2
Barnes W LPriv54AWinder2
Branch L. CPriv26IWinder2
Beaman E JPriv27KWinder2
Broun B PPriv22MWinder2
Brame WPriv12BWinderNo 3
Balcomb W IPriv20FWinder3
Brittain W TMusician16Winder3
Brann J CPriv43HWinder3
Boston J JPriv48CWinder3
Burnsides B FPriv27BWinder3
Brotheton J M CPriv26CWinder3
Bryan B L CPriv17GWinder3
Boyd W JPriv21DWinder3
Berry C WPriv3FWinder3
Burrough T LCorpl17AWinder3
Braxton JPriv27GWinder3
Barbee G WPriv44GWinder3
Barrow J HPriv3 cvCWinder3
Britton J WPriv51EWinder3
Beckerstap G MPriv15CWinder3
Bingham W MPriv54BWinder3
Brite MPriv5 cvCWinder3
Butter E MPriv30AWinder3
Bruver FPriv33DWinder3
Blake J WCorpl51GWinder3
Branhill J WPriv7AWinder3
Blanton J WPriv51GWinder3
Boon J FPriv51BWinder3
Boge JPriv3 cvFWinder3
Brame JPriv45AWinder3
Benton SPriv51GWinder3
Brown A EPriv7AWinder3
Bivine WPriv2IWinder3
Buther HPriv57FWinder3
Barlow WPriv26IWinder3
Bell OPriv51GWinderNo 4
Brack J HPriv52FWinder3
Bernbill SPriv44DWinder4
Boone E RPriv23CWinder4
Beard A RPriv47DWinder4
Blakeley RPriv26BWinder4
Bynum GPriv35DWinder4
Bonds W BPriv45GWinder4
Blakeley C RPriv47GWinder4
Bevins J APriv53IWinder4
Babbitt J RPriv8FWinder4
Barnes JPriv23KWinder4
Bisset MPriv47AWinder4
Bryant A SPriv48HWinder4
Baughen J MPriv45DWinder4
Bird JPriv3FWinder4
Beard JPriv56KWinder4
Bryan J ECapt27AWinder4
Baden J FPriv1stbat'nWinder4
Barnhill M BPriv13BWinder4
Bunn J RPriv4DWinder4
Barkley EPriv4CWinder4
Badenhamer E PSergt48KWinder4
Brewer JasPriv27EWinder4
Brumble WPriv46AWinder4
Black L CPriv56DWinder4
Bledsoe TPriv3CWinderNo 5
Baker LPriv11BWinder5
Barntter W TPriv28HWinder5
Beard J SPriv8EWinder5
Beall J TPriv46HWinder5
Buckhanan CPriv22AWinder5
Baker A EPrivManly'sbattWinder5
Brand N HPriv45HWinder5
Brooke WSergt45IWinder5
Brandon GSergt38IWinder5
Barney WPriv57HWinder5
Borruss DPriv23CWinder5
Brown S LSergt61DWinder5
Bradley T CPriv22KWinder5
Barrow CSergt21DWinder5
Ball EPriv23GWinder5
Ballard T OPriv23KWinder5
Banks W HPriv5 cvKWinder5
Bennett DPriv21FWinder5
Bass W HCorpl43AWinder5
Bains EPriv2CWinder5
Babbitt E ACorpl12FWinder5
Bridges S DPriv28HWinderNo 6
Blaylock D OPrivPogue'sbattWinder6
Beare J APriv1stEngWinder6
Blackard JPriv11IWinder6
Blacknail ACorpl54CWinder6
Beal RPriv48IWinder6
Baker JPriv2DWinder6
Boggs T BPriv16GWinder6
Blackwell J FPriv15CWinder6
Blevins JPriv61IWinder6
Brown NPriv48AWinder6
Bolton R WPriv22GWinder6
Bennett D KCapt20GWinder6
Bridges W WPriv31BWinder6
Bolton EPriv38EWinder6
Baggett S EPriv20HWinder6
Black J BPriv25BWinder6
Barhes S FPriv6IWinder6
Braswell W APriv37EWinder6
Baryne HPriv26CWinder6
Beeman W HPriv33KWinderNo 7
Bastain D FPriv33GWinder7
Boxtey M SPriv55FWinder7
Bethune A GPriv5 cvAWinder7
Beatty A SPriv34GWinder7
Branch J FPriv3DWinder7
Ball A HPriv1 cvEWinder7
Battey W HPriv1HWinder7
Baere J APriv14BWinder7
Benton MPriv51GWinder7
Brinkle NPriv23DWinder7
Britt K RPriv2 cvCWinder7
Ballock J FPriv46EWinder7
Barwell A FPriv10HWinder7
Brown J APriv7AWinder7
Baines J WPriv47AWinder7
Bachelor S JPriv1BWinder7
Beverley W PPriv23AWinder7
Baker WPriv3 cvCWinder7
Balley BPriv23HWinder7
Balton M HSergt51IWinder7
Brown S APriv43BWinder7
Boyd W CPriv29AWinder7
Britten J PSergt5FWinder7
Brown J CPriv5FWinder7
Baker T OPriv4IWinder7
Brinkley WPriv46EWinder7
Burkett H HPriv1 cvAWinder7
Benton J ASergt16CWinder7
Brake G WPriv12KWinder7
Branch WPriv1KWinder7
Brantley M APriv7EWinder7
Back BPriv51HWinderNo 1
Ballard M CPriv20CWinderNo 2
Bullard J APriv31IWinder2
Bagett TPriv2 cvCWinderNo 6
Bassley W RPriv2 cvCWinderNo 6
Burress L APriv53GNo 4
Bradshaw WPriv13DWinders1