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From the Mon., Jun. 27, 1864 issue
  • 1. The officers of conscription will give the most careful attention to the provisions of paragraph IV G O No 26, A and I G O, current series, in connection with the last clause of the 4th article of the 10th section of the act of Congress cited.
    This paragraph embraces the whole system of details provided by law to maintain the industrial productions of the country, in view of the public defence.
  • 2. The investigation of every case presented must be the most precise and accurate which can be obtained by the enrolling officer, (with the cooperation of the temporary boards,) and all action must be in direct view of the necessities indicated. Commandants will institute such modes of inquiry and report as will furnish the fullest testimony
    The policy of the law is to enforce the largest amount of production in every case in which the detail is made. The schedule of terms hereto appended will, it is believed, meet a majority of the cases that are likely to be presented. Where it is doubtful whether the ease is covered by the classification, commandants will in general decide by reference to the plain intent of the law, or refer the matter to this bureau, with full testimony and opinion, in all details there must be satisfactory evidence of the necessity, as expressed in General Orders No 26, current series.
  • 3. Where there are two or more farms contiguous, or within five miles of each other, measuring from the homesteads, having on each five or more hands, amounting in the aggregate to fifteen hands, or where one person has two or more plantations within five miles of each other, having an aggregate of fifteen or more hands, there may be detailed one person as overseer or manager of the two or more farms: Provided, there is on neither of the farms a white male adult declared by the enrolling officer and the temporary board capable of managing the farms with a reasonable efficiency, not liable to military duty; and provided the person detailed was, on the first day of January, 1864, either owner, manager or overseer residing on one of the farms: and provided the owners of said farms shall execute a joint and several bond, on the terms prescribed for the owners of fifteen hands, except that such persons shall not be allowed the privilege of commutation provided in the 4th article of the 10th section of the act recited.
  • 4. Where details are allowed to persons having less than fifteen, and five, or more than five hands, they shall enter into like obligation as prescribed for the owner of fifteen or more hands, except that for each hand loss than fifteen, down to five, there shall be supplied five pounds less meat, thus: each of fourteen hands, ninety five; thirteen hands, ninety; twelve hands, eighty five; * * * * six hands, fifty-five; five hands, fifty pounds.
  • 5. Where details are allowed to persons having less than five hands, they shall enter into like obligations to sell all their surplus productions to the Government.
  • 6. All details herein prescribed to be allowed are subject to revocation by the commandant of conscripts, on the report of the enrolling officer that the person detailed is not habitually, industriously, and in good faith engaged in the occupation for which the detail is granted. Enrolling officers are required to be unusually vigilant in supervising such details. Omission in this duty will constitute grave dereliction.
  • 7. Enrolling officers are required to exercise the utmost caution in recommending details in the classes enumerated. It is by no means intended to grant them indiscriminately, but to limit them as much as is consistent with the public good. All pertinent circumstances will be carefully inquired into. Among these are fitness for the field; ability or aptitude for the purposes of the detail; condition of the family; whether any, or how many, are in the military service; public good, justice, equity or necessity, &c.


Applications for detail, such as are not required for the service of any of the military bureaux, or for service in any of the departments of the Government, including service with contractors, will be made, accompanied by a descriptive list, to the enrolling officer of the appropriate county or district, and be supported by the affidavit of the applicant and other testimony under oath.

The enrolling officer will institute a minute and searching investigation into all the circumstances of the case, the results of which will be set forth on a separate sheet of paper.

The district enrolling officer may, if he approves the application, grant a detail for sixty days, and forward the papers, through the commandant, to the Bureau for its action.

If the application is refused, the reason in full will be endorsed, and, in case of appeal, the papers forwarded to this Bureau, through the same channels.

If the persons for whose detail application is made are engaged in performing the duties on account of which details are asked, they will be allowed to remain until final action. If otherwise, they should be sent to camps of instruction.


Applications for the detail of persons between forty-five and fifty years of age, for service in any of the military bureaux or in any of the departments of the Government, will be made, accompanied by a descriptive list, to the local or district enrolling officer; and it must act forth the nature of the duties to be performed, the necessity for the detail, and the period for which it is required.

The district enrolling officer, after investigation, made and reported as directed in preceding paragraph, may, if he approve the application, grant a detail for a period not exceeding sixty days, and forward the papers to the commandant for his action.

An appeal from the action of the enrolling officers and the commandant, may be taken to this Bureau.


1. Applications for the detail for service in any of the military bureaus, or for any of the departments of the Government (including contractors,) of artisans, mechanics, or persons of scientific skill, to perform indispensable duties, should be made, with descriptive list, to the enrolling officer. The skill of the party, the duties to be performed, and why his services are indispensable, and the period for which the detail is required, must be distinctly set forth.

Applications for the employees of contractors must in addition, contain a certificate from the officer contracted with, or the head of the department, that the services of the particular parties are required for the performance of indispensable Government work—The district enrolling officer may grant the detail for sixty days, and forward the papers, through the commandant (each expressing his opinion,) to this bureau, for its action.

If the application is refused, reasons in full will be endorsed, and in case of appeal, papers forwarded to this bureau.

If the parties applied for are at work, they will be allowed to remain until action is taken. If otherwise, they shall be sent to the camps of instruction.

Applications for the detail of contractors themselves must also contain the certificate of the head of the bureau required by the 11th section of the act.

XVI. All other applications for exemption or detail, not otherwise provided, will be made to the enrolling officer, and forwarded through the proper channels.

XVII. Great care should be exercised in exempting or detailing able-bodied men between eighteen and forty-five.

No case should be acted on until after minute and thorough investigation as to the alleged private or public necessity, advantage, convenience, justice, or equity, and as to whether persons not liable to service in the field may not be obtained.


  • 1. Examining boards, in addition to the lists directed in paragraph VIII, General Orders No 26, A and I G O, current series, will furnish district enrolling officers with lists of men in their districts found fit for military service, but unfit for service in the field, specifying in each case what duties they are capable of performing. Congressional District officers to furnish similar lists to county enrolling officers, the object being to enable persons needing detailed men to see who are the subjects of detail, and to choose from them.
  • 2. Enrolling officers will forward to the commandant of conscripts, monthly, a report of all persons enrolled by them, and the action taken in each case.
    These reports will be consolidated by the commandant, with reference to the distinctions made in the act of Congress, and the regulations for its enforcement in duplicate, one copy of which will be forwarded to this bureau and one kept on file in the office of the commandant.


1. Commandants of conscripts will proceed to enrol all persons between the ages of seventeen and eighteen and forty-five and fifty years, in execution of General Orders No 33, A and I G O, current series; which is herewith made a part of this Circular:

    General Orders, No 33.—

  • 1. The Bureau of Conscription will proceed to enrol all persons between the ages of seventeen and eighteen years, and between the ages of forty-five and fifty years, under the 5th section of the Act of Congress to organize forces to serve during the war.
  • 2. Persons liable to enrollment will present themselves to the enrolling officer in the States east of the Mississippi river within thirty days from the day when the notice shall be given in the district or county by the enrolling officer for persons of this class to appear for enrollment. The failure to comply with this notice will subject the defaulter to a liability to be called into the general service with the class of persons between 18 and 45, unless he shall have a valid excuse therefore, to be judged of by the Bureau of Conscription.
  • 3. Any person liable to enrollment under this act may join any company for local defence which has been formed under General Orders No 86, issued 28th June, 1863, for the war, or any other company for local defence which has been accepted into the service, and which, by the terms of its enlistment, is liable to serve anywhere within the State; or persons of this class may form new companies for local defence and special service, under General Orders No 25, 1863, for the war, and select their own officers.
By order, S COOPER.
Adj't and Insp'r General.
  • 1. Commandants will keep a separate and distinct roll of perceive between the ages of seventeen and eighteen and forty-five and fifty.
  • 2. Commandants of conscripts will assign to duty, as a supporting force for conscription service, such persons as may be recommended by the examining heard as unfit for the field, but as competent for this service; and whose as many as sixty-four such persons are so assigned they will be organized into a company, sheet their officers, and return the master to the commandants; and these be not a sufficient number to form a company in such then the commandant assign a sufficient number of percent between 46 and 50 years of age, so as to complete company for each Congressional District A officer, of the rank of Colonel, will be this bureau to organize such companies giment, if there be the requisite number of companies; or into a battalion, if there be less companies; or into two battalions, if deemed preferable.


  • 1. Commandants will always bear in General Orders No 26, is not only the basis but a large portion of these instructions. They are habitually recur to its provisions to aid in the application of the other previsions of this circles.
  • 2. Commandants will, of course, refer case of difficulty to this Bureau; but references which on their face that they are rather to or labor, will be returned without remarks.
  • 3. The duty of the commandants of a in accordance with these instructions, to and invigorate the industrial production of the confederacy, and supply its armies with men. This they must be performed, or our struggle for independence and liberty will fail.
By order of Col J S Preston, Supt.
C S DUFFIELD, A A my 14—ts